is a trading name of Mind One Digital Ltd, a UK company specialising in the field of revolutionary mind altering technologies to help you improve productivity and performance in life. and BrainTune are registered trademarks .

Our technologies, systems and tools are at the forefont of the human understanding of the mind. We continue to invest, develop and research new information for our customers, in line with our values of excellence, open mindedness and service orientation. We exist for you, the self improvement enthusiast and take pride in serving you.

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Mind One Digital Ltd
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United Kingdom

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 is an organisation which aims to exceed all expectations. Our goal is the pursuit of cognitive and intellectual excellence, through research, scholarship and entrepreneurism.

Only through this unique formula can brilliant ideas be converted, allowing others to excel above their peers and achieve genius in their own right. understands that all organisations regardless of their services, products and business motives have a responsibility to ensure the welfare of those social groups and communities who they communicate or conduct business with. Our agenda encapsulates the need for a socially just and responsible strategy, highlighted by our efforts below. aims to help people in furthering their academic and scholarly goals. continues to increase its collection and production of research articles and publications to further the cause of intelligence increase and genius. We will aim to incorporate our findings into our services and programs. If you have a research article you would like to submit, please e-mail us at We give full credit to the authors of any works submitted.


We endeavour to conduct all affairs in an honest way which builds the relationship of mutual trust, understanding and tolerance.

We aim to incorporate the most advanced cognitive research findings into our services, and provide the most sophisticated, thorough yet simplistic systems and programs for intelligence and cognitive improvement in the world.

We are an open minded organisation which will always remain receptive to new ideas and research. This allows us to understand the needs of those we serve, and to be adaptive and innovative at all times.

Our service to our customers and those we help is our biggest priority. We will always aim to provide our customers with the best knowledge and information in the world. Only through the best information can people be guaranteed of achieving their goals.