The key principle that will make you a genius, is how you do things, as opposed to what you do. There are certain mindsets and ways of doing things that allow you to complement the laws and energies of the universe. One of these energies is thought, so complementing these laws of energy will allow us to complement the principles of thought. Below you will find some additional pointers to understand fully the importance of how, as opposed to what.

1. All thought is a form of energy. Therefore complementing the laws of energy from the way we do things will allow us to receive the right thoughts.

We complement the laws of energy best, when we have the correct mindset and actions. This is because our mindset is a filter by which the laws of energy pass through us. We establish the right mindset by doing things in a certain, unique and specific way which is taught in our guide.

2. The laws of energy and therefore thought are different from the physical laws we see operating in our lives.

This means that the laws which underpin our thoughts follow different and strange functions from what we would expect. These laws are not obvious, and have been discovered through thousands of years of trial and error and quantum physics.

3. Complementing the laws of energy will make us a genius.

Energy as a force is not to be messed around with. It is the most basic and fundamental of substances. Therefore, when there is any lack or problem in our life, it is always because we are violating the laws of energy without realising. By complementing these laws, not only will we achieve every goal that we have set for ourselves, but every single person out there will see us as being a genius without question. The secret is not in the thoughts he has, but in the way he is doing things so he gets the right thoughts. This is why people do not understand why people become geniuses. It is not something obvious which is creating it.

What To Expect

When you complement the laws of energy, not only will your life be filled with the most amazing experiences, but your life will be full of riches, abundance, happiness and genius.
Other things to expect:

A. You will always do the right thing at exactly the right time

B. You will always be able to see the best course of action in a situation

C. You will have deep insight into everything because you understand the laws by which things operate

D. You will be able to see the truth and error in every situation

E. You will only receive the right thoughts. This means you will not be overloaded with things that do not concern you. You will get the right thoughts, every time.

F. You will know exactly how to achieve all of your goals, and with absolute certainty of achieving them.

G. You will beat everyone in an endeavour in which you complement the laws of energy. You will become the best in the world and have your name written in the history books.

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