The Lifestyle Series Pro™ gives you Healing Power, Life Change and Deep Relax together. This package ensures all of your addictions, stresses and strains are relieved. You will be restored with mental peace of mind and control. This is $57, saving $74 off the RRP.


Below is a summary of all the special deals with the discounts already added in. All audios are downloaded to your computer via the internet so there is no physical shipment.

The Lifestyle Series™ gives you the Deep Relax and Healing Power packages. This series is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve super peace of mind, mental relaxation and comfort. The discount price here is $47.

The Lifestyle Series Deluxe is an all-rounder mind relaxation package. This huge package comes with Deep Meditate, Deep Sleep, Deep Relax, Life Change and Healing Power altogether in one bundle. This saves you a whopping $138 off the RRP.

The Lifestyle Series Ultimate is the biggest and most powerful BrainTune™ package available. Nothing surpasses the power and strength of the combined BrainTune™ brain harmonics technology available here. The package you will receive includes Deep Meditate, Deep Sleep, Deep Relax, Life Change, Healing Power, Wealth Manifestation, Romance Manifestation and Senior Mind. The total saving here is an amazing $253 off from buying them separately.

Deep Relax is the ultimate mind relaxation program, designed to calm your senses, thoughts and whole body. A relaxed mind is also a strong mind, leading to huge benefits across all areas of your life.

You will experience a sense of well being, comfort and mental grace. You will feel light, refreshed and energised. This is ideal to use after any mental workout or in times when mental peace and calm is required.

You can click the package on the left for detailed info. An audio sample is below. This sample doesn't have the brain harmonics. It's just the sounds so you know what it sounds like. Each audio comes with a different sound. There are also two guided relaxation audios where we speak to get you into a relaxed mental state:



Many people suffer from addictions, bad habits, stress, body soreness and similar. If this is you, Healing Power is your solution. Healing Power comes with a variety of audios designed to bring your body and mind into optimal and healthy conditions.

You will feel much more calm and free of harmful mental states. You will increase in vitality, energy and enthusiasm. You will reduce dependency and addictions and be free again as you should be. A perfect compliment to the Life Change below. 

Click the image of the package on the left for detailed info. The audio sample doesn't contain any brain harmonics. Its just the sounds:


Life Change is a perfect compliment to Healing Power or as a standalone BrainTune Series package. These brain harmonics audios are designed to create radical changes in your thinking so that your life can move in a new direction completely. It does this by creating a deep mental state where poor thoughts are naturally released.

If you suffer from bad addictions, or would like a radical change in your life direction, Life Change is your radical solution.

You can click the image on the left for detailed information. Audio sample below. This sample doesn't have brain harmonics. Its just the sounds:


Deep Sleep was designed to get you to sleep quickly and easily, especially for those who suffer from sleeping problems or insomnia. Even if you don't have any major problems, Deep Sleep can bring your quality of sleep to the next level.

Quality sleep means more vivid dreams, intuition and mental breakthroughs in your day to day life. Gaining quality sleep is a must for mental success.

Image on the left is clickable. Audio sample below. Once again, this sample doesn't have the brain harmonics. It's just the sound of one of the audios:


Deep Meditate is a perfect complement to the Deep Relax and Deep Thought BrainTune Series. Deep Meditate will help you to achieve mental control, which leads to enhanced focus, concentration, awareness and vitality. Working on these areas greatly enhances your mind. You will have clearer, more controllable thoughts and an overall sense of  well being. You get 6 audios with this program.

Click the image on the left for detailed info. Audio sample below:

Wealth Manifestation was created to tackle the complaints many people have about money and wealth. It is a radical and revolutionary solution to create financial abundance with absolutely guaranteed results.

This BrainTune Series uses a unique frequency to create "the zone" of peak performance. This "zone" is what separates high achievers from mediocre ones, converting to you getting more financial opportunities, unexpected income, greater productivity and enhanced joy in your work. You also get a series of subliminal audios with this package to help tackle any negative beliefs you have about achieving financial success, leading to an abundant, wealthy lifestyle.

As with the others, you can click the image on the left. Audio sample below. This is just the sound without the brain harmonics:


Romance Manifestation is another radical audio solution, designed this time to enhance intimacy and create greater magnetic attraction with the opposite sex. This audio program uses a unique "magnetism" frequency which will help you to project an aura of charisma and presence.

You will get much more attention from the people you desire,  be noticed more, have better conversation skills naturally and be able to be confident when the need arises. Suitable for both men and women.

More information available by clicking on the image to the left. An audio sample is below:


Whether you have elderly parents or are in your senior years yourself, Senior Mind was specifically designed to improve the lifestyle and cognitive functioning of mature adults.

This audio series will help to restore mental functioning and give you back the strength and vitality of your younger years. Even if you aren't at that stage yet, a gift to parents, grandparents and the like will help them enjoy their senior years in more comfort.

More information available by clicking to the left. An audio sample is below:




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