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Affirmations are a useful way to send new messages to your subconscious mind. When used over the long term, you can form new beliefs about what's possible in life. This is the subject of the article.

Following the advice below will allow you to use affirmations successfully.

1. An affirmation is any statement that is stated in the "I" and present tense.

For example, "I am confident" is an affirmation, or "I am focused". The affirmation must be like this, and also in the present tense to be of any power. This is because the subconscious mind only understands the present tense, and not the past. So "I used to be focused" or "I will become focused" are not as powerful

2. Write a list of 5 affirmations that you want to repeat regularly

These affirmations should be related to the goal you want to achieve. For example, if you want to do better in study, you could say "I study well", "I am organised", "I do well in my exams". These will help to build your confidence and change your thinking if you are struggling on these things.

3. Repeat the affirmations you have, every single day

Do this for 1-2 minutes at most. This is all that is required. Repeat it as if it is true and in a confident way with passion. This allows the messages to penetrate more easily in the unconscious mind.

4. Affirmations only change your beliefs. Physical action must be done by you

You will still need to put the physical actions in to achieve what you want. The affirmations are only changing the beliefs, but physical action allows you to take advantage of those beliefs in the best way possible. As you learn to focus your mind and establish greater control within, greater results overall can be created for you.

Overall, affirmations can be a useful way to change your thinking and belief systems. When repeated with passion and as if it is real, it can enter your unconscious mind (same as the subconscious) and be charged with the power of intention. This means you will act as if the belief is true, and this will help to carry you in the direction of your goal. However, remember than you still need to put in all the physical efforts to make maximum progress from this.

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