Modifying your behavior and lifestyle is a useful and easy way to boost your IQ. As you begin to use your body more effectively, your mind and brain will respond more favorably as well. This is the topic of the article.

There are 11 tips here which you can begin to practise today. As always, the more you can adjust your lifestyle to putting this information in, the greater are the results you can get.

1. Learn to breathe correctly

Breathing is vital to allow oxygen to flow correctly to the brain. This will help to maximise your brain function and ensure your neuron cells can fire correctly. It is also the case that your breathing and attention span are proportional to each other. Therefore, by improving your breathing span, you can also improve your attention span automatically. If you learn to increase your breathing span slowly, you can enhance your attention without any adverse affects.

2. Begin to meditate on a regular basis

Meditation is a great way to boost your IQ and there are hundreds of scientific studies which can vouch for the effectiveness of meditation on your mind. Meditation is all about controlling the flow of your thoughts. As you begin to concentrate and control your thought power more, you get more solid connections to your subconscious mind. This subconscious mind is the super processor of your brain. When you connect to it more, you get better ideas, more problem solving skills and heightened focus.

You should meditate for at least 10 minutes per day. You can also meditate "in action" by putting your whole focus on what you are doing, as you are doing it.

3. Improve your posture and how you hold your body

How you hold your body will affect how you feel in your mind. For example, if you slouch in a chair, you will feel your thoughts being sluggish. If you sit up in your chair, you will feel more focused and have better concentration. If you keep your head down, you will feel less confident. If you keep your head up, you will feel more confident.

The lesson here is that you need to be holding your body in a way that will help your mind. In an exam, make sure you are sitting up instead of slouching. This will help you to score higher marks. When doing anything, sit up more, improve your body language and help your brain achieve peak performance more easily.

4. Learn to spend your time more wisely and be focused during the day

Focus of mind is crucial to achieving your mental best. Whatever you do during the day, make sure your whole mind is fully concentrating on it, without having wandering or distracting thoughts. As your focus improves over time, you will have better thoughts, improved problem solving and concentration. All of this helps you in day to day life. Spending your time wisely will contribute to this, because you are doing the things that are important to you, giving you more confidence and passion for your goals.

5. Perform cardiovascular exercise

30 mins of cardio exercise, three times per week, is great for releasing brain-boosting chemicals. These chemicals can enhance youe memory, attention span, focus and speed of thinking. All in all, this means your mind is able to maintain peak mental states for longer.

Your exercise should be vigorous and push your body strongly. You should be sweating and your heart should be pumping.

6. Do things which you are truly passionate about

When you do things you are truly passionate about, you enter "The Zone" of peak performance much more easily. You become enthusiastic and confident about your passions,a and this makes you do well in them. You are more alert and have better concentration when you are passionate about something. So, if you are a student, study subjects which you like. If you work, go on a career which you are excited about. You will do better in it and bring the best out of your mind.

7. Become more positive minded

To be positive minded is crucial to achieving success and bringing the most out of your mind. When you think positively, you open the way for innovation, good ideas and creativity. Thinking negatively limits you hugely. Positive thinking always boosts your confidence and leads to better emotions and hormone release in the body. This helps your brain to function more optimally.

8. Learn something every single day

Learning new things every day will build new neuron and glial cells in your brain. It will also help to strengthen and exercise your memory. The more you exercise your memory, the stronger it will get. As the saying goes: "use it or lose it". Learning every day will help you to stay mentally sharp.

To learn, you can decide to read books, listen to audio programs, or watch instructional videos.

9. Begin to understand yourself better

"Know thyself" is a very famous saying that originates from the times of Ancient Greece. The more you understand yourself and what you are capable of, the more you can put the right strategy into improve your brain power. Everybody has a different IQ, way of seeing things, a different background, belief systems, confidence and lifestyle. You need to adapt your unique life to whatever you want to achieve. There is no "one size fits all". As you begin to understand yourself, you will know your strengths and weaknesses better, and be able to concentrate on building the strengths and minimising weakness.

10. Always stay calm, relaxed and non-judgemental

When your mind is calm and non-judgemental, your thoughts are more powerful. This means you have better ideas, more creativity, focus and concentration for the things that matter to you.

. Create good habits that will allow for success

Everything which happens in your life is all to do with your habits. When you form the right habits, success can happen automatically and with virtually no effort. To form a habit takes 21 days. By putting in the actions now, in 21 days your life can be completely different. You should aim to implement the most fundamental habits for mental success first. This is firstly, to spend your time working hard to your goals as much as possible, and to follow a plan of action every single day. The more you stick to this, the more you are forming the right fundamental habits that will allow for success.

What To Expect

The advice given here is very diverse so you should choose and implement the things which you like. As you begin to put these into place, you can find your whole life transforming for the better. You will have enhanced mental capabilities, focus and memory power. You will have a greater connection to your subconscious mind, allowing greater creativity, idea generation and intuition for success.

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