Reading books and expanding your knowledge is essential to achieving success. Keeping your knowledge up to date will ensure that you are ahead of the crowd and ready when changes take place. Specifically here, we want to talk about ways to boost your creativity. Below is some advice to help you

1. Read some philosophy books to improve your thinking

Philosophy is a great way to stimulate your mind and have you thinking differently about things. It will also help to sharpen your mind and build analytical rigour when thinking about things. Philosophy involves logic, identifying clear premises, abstract thinking, specification and many other thinking tools. It will therefore help you think more creatively.

2. Take an interest in science

New innovations, inventions and scientific discoveries are a great way to open the mind and see the possibilities which are out there. Science will always be coming up with new things and ways of understanding the world around us. By embracing these changes, we can boost our creativity and keep up with the dynamic nature of science.

3. Read fiction books

Stories and books that spark your imagination are great for getting your creative juices flowing. Fiction books of wonder, marvel and adventure will create new neuronal pathways within your brain.

4. Embrace the lessons from history

The books of history are a great teacher and will help you to understand why things are the way they are today. From here, you can bypass that thinking and think new thoughts to make a better future for yourself and others. With history at your side, you can also gain additional insight and understand things with much greater depth. This allows you to make better creative

5. Read literature or poetry 

Any artistic work of prose will easily demonstrate the power of creative language. By reading such prose yourself, you can enhance your own creativity and be able to think about things in a new way.

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