Boosting your concentration is an absolute necessity if you want to improve your IQ and reach exceptional mental feats. This article will explore the topic of boosting your concentration in more detail.

Boosting Concentration Allows You To Use Your Mental Abilities More Productively

If you can't concentrate, you can't use your mental abilities effectively. That means you can't take advantage of high levels of focus, memory, creativity and other key mental areas. So when you learn to concentrate more effectively, you can bring these mental areas into your awareness and use them.

Concentration Should Not Be Confused With Attention

Attention is your ability to keep your overall focus and awareness on something. For example, your attention on a TV show, a lecture, a book or other thing. Your concentration span on the other hand is about how much you can keep your awareness on a very specific quality of a thing. For example, if you think about a pencil, concentration here would be your concentration on the color of a pencil, the shape of a pencil, the pointedness of the pencil etc. Only one particular quality of the pencil is where the concentration is, even though your whole attention can be on the whole pencil. The attention span of the average person is about 25-40 minutes and obviously varies from person to person.

The concentration span, on the other hand, is merely only a few seconds. The concentration on a specific object will waver to another quality of the object within seconds. This happens because it is the nature of the mind to shift between various aspects of a thing, and not stay on one thing. Increasing the concentration span can lead to large increases in mental ability.

Boosting Concentration Can Be Easily Done

An excellent way to boost your concentration is the P.T. technique which you can get on our newsletter (available for sign up on the home page). This technique makes you out your whole concentration on one single point, and uses that to increase your mental abilities.

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