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Our programs use the latest principles of cognitive science and working memory to help improve your mental powers to higher levels. Using these in conjunction with our other programs can completely alter your life for the better.

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In the meantime, why not try The Complete Guide To Genius, which gives you brain exercises to sharpen your brain:

Or The BrainTune® Series, which is our neuro-audio technology to help boost your mental powers:

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N Back Training

A very useful brain training technique which has recently been discovered to help memory, boost problem solving, concentration, focus, logical abilities and similar is N Back Training. Using this can dramatically enhance all mental areas. This program is available from our website.

Spatial Matrix

By improving short term memory and working memory, you can actually increase IQ. The best and most worthwhile goal from all your brain game efforts is to raise the performance of your mind to higher levels. This is what Peak Genius is all about. By training your mind, you can raise the fluid intelligence component which is essential to your success.

These two games will work wonders for your mind.

We are developing more games at the moment to enhance other mental areas.

Brain Exercises To Use

The Complete Guide To Genius gives you specific brain exercises you can use to enhance all areas of your mind. It is a comprehensive brain training program which will lead to the most improvements for your mind - across all your vital cognitive functions.

Audio Technology To Tune Your Brain

On top of that, we have developed BrainTune®, which is a revolutionary technology to raise your intellectual abilities to new levels. Check it out here. All you have to do is listen to the sounds and watch your mental abilities skyrocket!

If there is anything you would like to see in our games, now is the time to recommend them to us. These will be incredibly comprehensive and target multiple areas of your mind, which is why we are particularly excited about them. With long term use of the audios, you can dramatically and completely change your neuron and glial cells around for good.

Here are some areas of your life that you can improve with brain games:

1. Mental sharpness, focus and concentration
2. Thought processing speed - including calculations
3. Self concept, esteem, image and ideal
4. Attitudes and behavior, including self discipline
5. Goal orientation and ability to be productive in whatever you do

And many other things.

With combination use of our techniques, you can experience a sharp increase in all of the vital mental functions you enjoy. This is how important this ability can be. We recommend you begin to use The Complete Guide To Genius and the BrainTune audios and see the changes they can bring. The Complete Guide To Genius also has many different and diverse exercises within it, which can help you. Once that is done, you will be in the position to derive maximum benefit and value from the other resources we have available for you.