Brain harmonics is a technology which has been around for close to a hundred years. However, the technology has gone through many changes, innovations and developments, such that only now is it a useful aid for your mental powers. Here, we talk about some information relating to brain harmonics.

1. Rhythmic drums are the most basic form of brainwave inducing devices

In many ancient civilizations, the use of drums in a rhythmic and melodic way was useful for creating hypnotic and trance-like states. This is brainwave technology in action. The rhythmic use of the brainwave is what allowed for the changes to take place. In modern brain harmonics, the effects come about due to the use of tones and specific wavelengths within a sound.

2. Harmonics can create very specific mental states within you and save years of learning time

Very specific mental states take many years to create. For example, a very deep zen-like state would take many years of effort and dedication to approach. States of optimal learning, the "zone" of peak performance and many other states which can take years to master, are much more easily obtained with harmonics technology.

3. Harmonics can fine tune your brainwaves

Even a slight change in frequency can create a completely different result for you. This is why it is important to know exactly what you wish to achieve with the specific harmonics you have in mind.

4. Brain harmonics is excellent for boosting IQ, memory, focus abilities, creativity and other vital mental areas

Any mental area which you wish to improve upon can be worked powerfully using brain harmonics. You will find the particular area you have worked, improving very quickly when the effort is put into place. We recommend you use your chosen harmonics for 30 minutes per day, and for 5 days per week or more.

What To Expect

Brainwave entrainment is a very powerful technology and an excellent aid for improving your concentration and memory abilities. When put fully into place, you can radically alter the course of your focus and mental powers for the better.

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