Brain training is an excellent way to fine tune your brain and allow you to achieve
the intellectual ability you want. With our brain training programs, you can achieve all of your intellectual goals, and then some!

Below you will find some basic tips in making the most from your brain training program - thus helping you to raise your intellectual powers to totally new levels.

1. Practise mental training techniques every day

Using techniques every day will help you to feel more focused, with higher concentration and sharpness. All of these qualities will help hugely to make you feel invigorated, mentally sharp and ready for success. As you practise mental training and let it go to work for you, you will be able to establish much higher levels of intellectual output than you previously imagined.

The techniques of The Complete Guide To Genius will prove particularly useful for you, allowing you to enhance your mental powers to much higher levels. You will also dramatically enhance your ability to solve problems, come up with better ideas and do all the things that allow for your success to arise.

Here are some great mental techniques that you can begin to use right away. As you use these techniques, you will find all of the awesome mental functions within you allowing you to rise to greater and higher feats.

a) The PT method: This method works through use of a coin. Get a coin and place it in front of you. A table is fine.

b) Look at the coin from a distance of 35-45cm, and hold your look on the coin for as long as possible.

c) Don't look away from the coin or wander in your focus. Also block any other thoughts out in your mind. Keep your mind going and allow your focus to magnify.

d) Keep your session going for 10-15 minutes ie for the relevant length of time. As the session ends, take a few deep breaths and then carry on your day.

You will find that your focus increases hugely from using this technique. This happens because most of our focus capacity is highly disorganised to begin with. When we learn to really access our focus ability, we experience much greater satisfaction and progress in the things we want to accomplish.

Develop greater mind power by visiting our genius page, where we use neuroscience for our techniques
You can access the deeper resources of your unconscious mind when using our techniques regularly
Brainwave entrainment technology allows you to fine tune and change your focus abilities quicker than ever
We target your mind from different angles, allowing for the most holistic and thorough mental training program
Techniques are used 5 days per week, from anywhere between 20-60 minutes. This allows for rapid results

2. Keep your mind focused for long periods of time

A highly focused mind is a mind which can achieve much greater things. As the mind stays focused and as you continue to keep that focus going, you will find yourself being able to push your mind further and faster than you may have realised.

Your ability to push your mind powerfully into a very focused state will allow you to access the true powers which lie in your subconscious. As you may be aware, the subconscious mind is the seat of all your true intellectual abilities. Learning to access the subconscious mind and to bring its powers out will lead to a dramatic improvement in your mental ability like never before - and that will be possible because you have taken the time to invest fully and powerfully in your mindset.

3. Eat healthy every single day

The healthier the foods you eat, the healthier the results you get in your mind. As you learn to enhance your mental fitness, it becomes easy to push your mind to the limit and achieve the things you really want out of life. Healthy eating is the foundation for an excellent brain training routine.

Some of the things you can consume are plenty of fruit and vegetables, salads, staple foods (such as rice, pasta and similar) and other such foods. Consuming these for long periods of time will ensure that you feel healthy and free on the inside, allowing for greater progress in your mental training.

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