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BrainTune® is a powerful audio technology to help you train your brain and improve your life productivity. We have over 12 different series for you to choose from. Learn the science here or browse below!

The Learning Curve BrainTune® Series gives a superior mental edge for all learning, study and memory affairs. It drastically increases learning ability.





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The Creativity Spark BrainTune® Series will increase your creativity, idea generation and independent thinking. This is useful in all of life's endeavours.



The Logic Whiz BrainTune® Series will increase your logical, mathematical, analytical and problem solving abilities. Suitable for all levels from school and college to professional levels.



The Optimal Focus BrainTune® Series will increase your concentration and attention for all mental tasks, making your mind sharper and ready to take on anything.
The Deep Thought BrainTune® Series is for those who want to ponder in deep intellectual thought, similar to the genius minds of Einstein and Tesla.



The Senior Mind BrainTune® Series restores cognitive function for those over 50, who may have begun to experience age-related cognitive decline. All mental functions benefit from this program.




The Deep Meditate BrainTune® Series allows you to access deep meditative states with ease, without years of hard training and patience in practise.
















The Super Mind BrainTune® Series was designed solely to increase your IQ and brainpower. The maximum IQ achievable from combination use of these audio's can exceed 150 with consistent use.



The Deep Sleep BrainTune® Audio will allow you to fall asleep when restless, creating better sleeping patterns and reducing lethargy when awake.




The Life Change BrainTune® Series is designed to change your life and help you get out of a rut. It creates sudden changes in your life's direction and focus.



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BrainTune® will improve the performance and power of your mind. Using brainwave technology, we systematically tune your brain to perfection. The possibilities are endless as the pure sounds penetrate your mind and push your cognitive powers to the limit!

Most of our packages are used for 30 to 60 minutes each day to get good gains. Using several packages together tunes your brain in several areas at a time, so you can get holistic and all round results that last. Changes are noticeable within 5 minutes of playing as the sounds gently and powerfully alter your mind.




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BrainTune® comes in the form of a special mp3 audio track you listen to. Each series has several audio tracks to give you  maximum mental effects.


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BrainTune® is designed to be used with mp3 players or any mp3 playing device. You can use it on-the-move or whilst stationary.





The Wealth Manifestation BrainTune® Series provides the brainwave state of multi-millionaires to bring you the brain's unique frequency for success. Accumulation of physical wealth is the result.



The Romance Manifestation BrainTune® Series will increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex and generate increased attention. This allows intimacy and romance to flourish.
Its time to bring your brain to the next level. BrainTune for your mind.