Meditation can be practised by anyone and has benefits across all areas of life. It can elp in deep thought experiments, contemplation exercises and for developing mental patience and clarity.


Meditation can also help increase concentration, attention, creativity, insight and problem solving skills. So overall, you experience a significant improvement in mental strength, discipline and increased awareness.


Finally, meditation helps to improve overall feelings of well being, tranquillity and peace. This is extremely important in our modern day hectic lives, where there are so many distractions to take away our focus.
Restoring your focus leads to immediate life improvements so should never be underestimated.


The Deep Meditate BrainTune® Series significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to reach deep meditation states, making it easy to develop your meditation powers.

Meditation is in fact a difficult task to master, taking years of practise to even do half well. This is precisely why we invented Deep Meditate™ so you can choose whether you want to meditate like a Zen Monk or simply meditate for other tasks such as to help wind down from a hectic day. Whatever you want to use Deep Meditate for, this program will seriously reduce the effort it takes.

The added benefits include mental calmness, an increase in daily energy levels, increased confidence and a heightened state of awareness.

Your package includes 6 individual BrainTune® audios. combined with step by step instructions to maximise your productivity.  This package is also popular with the Deep Thought BrainTune Series™ for synergistic effects.

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Anybody who is interested in meditation, contemplation, deep thought experiments and the achievement of mental peace and tranquility should consider this program. Suitable for all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles and meditative styles. Also compatible with all other BrainTune® packages.

Note: This product is not a subliminal or hypnosis recording. This product is a brainwave altering device with strong mental affects. If you have a serious mental illness, please consult a medical professional prior to using.

Achieve heightened states of awareness for contemplation and intuition increase
Gently calm and relax your mind, develop patience, mental control and clarity for prolonged periods of time
Become happier and keep your vitality and mental alertness in day to day life