Deep Relax is the ultimate mind relaxation program, designed to calm your senses, thoughts, mind and whole body. A relaxed mind is also a strong, clear mind, leading to huge benefits across all areas of your life.

You will experience a sense of well being, comfort and mental grace, which converts to a feeling of lightness, freshness and energy. This is ideal to use after any mental workout or in times when mental peace and calm is required (for example, after a turbulent and hectic day).


Your package contains 6 audios with unique BrainTune™ sounds. The series is also highly compatible with the Deep Meditate™ package for compound results. Each audio is designed to relax you in a different mental state. For example, some audios relax you in a waking state, whilst others relax you in a deeper, almost sleep like state. Whatever your situation, there is an audio here for you that you can use to bring mental relaxation at any time of the day.

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Deep Relax is suitable for anyone who is looking for mental calm and peace. It will help your whole body to unwind from a hectic day, leaving you refreshed and well massaged psychologically.

Note: This product is not a subliminal or hypnosis recording. This product is a brainwave altering device with strong mental affects. If you have a serious mental or physical illness, please consult a medical professional prior to using.



Makes you calm, relaxed and in control of your mind. Gives clearer thoughts and greater focus

Promotes a feeling of freshness, well being and mental grace. You will feel light and at peace.

Listen to the BrainTune™ sounds on the move or

compound with other BrainTune™ packages for added results.