The Deep Thought BrainTune® Series is designed for those who like to ponder in deep intellectual thought, similar to the genii of Einstein, Tesla or Newton.


With Deep Thought™ comes deep understanding. And understanding brings immediate improvement in all areas of life. Application allows the development of greater clarity, insight and wisdom in intellectual endeavours and general life.


This proves very useful for academics, philosophers, leaders and strategists where deep thought allows for breakthroughs and significant development.


The Deep Thought BrainTune® Series comes complete with 3 different audios and full instructions. The program is also highly compatible with Deep Meditate™ and The Complete Guide To Genius™ for compound gains. This program comes at a significant discount to promote genius thinking.

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The bulk buy offers we have are summarised below. You can get different BrainTune® packages at a massive discount

Anybody who wants to think like a genius and engage in deep contemplative thinking should use this program. This group is extremely diverse from  academics and philosophers to corporate leaders and religious clerics. Suitable for all ages, programs and lifestyles.

Note: This product is not a subliminal or hypnosis recording. This product is a brainwave entrainment device with strong mental affects. If you have a serious mental illness, please consult a medical professional prior to using.

Engage in deep thinking like the geniuses of old like Newton, Einstein and Tesla.

Facilitate intellectual, philosophical and deep analytical and syllogistic thought.

Increase the rate of intuition and creative solutions for deep intellectual and academic problems.