Imagination is one of the tools Einstein and Tesla used to form their ideas. It is also the way that every genius who has ever walked the planet found the inspiration for their ideas, dreams and utopias.

It is therefore a tool which you must have in your arsenal, if you are to get the intellect of your dreams.

The way it differs from visualisation, is that visualisation is you seeing the end result of your goal in your mind. Imagination on the other hand, is the start of the goal before it is even formed. It is in this premature stage that we begin to increase our imagination and realise then what the goal we must visualise is. Below you will find some helpful tips to increase your imagination:

1. Make thoughts go in the same direction as your intuition.

This intuition comes from the subconscious, and is telling you which direction you should take your life. This direction means that you should begin to think about thoughts which are in a similar direction to that of the intuition. What you give, is what you will get. Therefore focusing our thoughts in the same direction as the intuition will allow us to go deeper into the rabbit hole and extract more intuition and fodder for correct imaginations.

2. Do not daydream.

When you daydream, you are going to daydream even more. Instead, focus on remembering and accessing the memory portions of our brain in mental silence. This is a very specific mindset. When your memory section is open, the deeper reservoirs of your brain are open. When you have mental silence, you have a mental focus that will allow you to imprint anything into the memory reservoir for permanent change in your life. What you are going to remember and imprint is the intuition which you had or are having. If you are not receiving intuition at all, you need to practice mental silence and pay attention to your true desires in life.

3. Know what you want to be in life.

People go on meandering throughout their life without any sense of direction. Every person has a dream, and that includes you. You need to let that dream come out into the daylight and into your awareness. From then on, you can add things onto it, feed it and let it grow.

4. Realise what other geniuses would say in your situation.

When you imagine what another genius would do in your situation, you effectively take on their mindset and have access to their intuition. This happens because you will have what you become. So when you become a particular person and imagine what it would be like to be them, you will very quickly have and take on all their mannerisms and thoughts. This is the root to allow correct imagination in tune with your goals to come into the limelight.

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