The conscious and subconscious minds are two completely different levels of the mind. By understanding the conscious and subconscious minds in more detail, you will be able to achieve your goals in the quickest time possible.

This article explores the differences between the conscious and subconscious minds in more detail.

The Conscious Mind Is The Weakest Level Of Mind

The conscious mind deals with all the "lower" functions of mind. It deals with conscious analysis, awareness, direction setting, focus, concentration and attention. The conscious mind is very much like the "steering wheel" of the mind, in much the same way that the steering wheel of a car directs the car. Your objective should be to direct the conscious mind in the direction of the achievement of your goals. You should also constantly continue to re-program the conscious mind, through directing wandering thoughts back onto focus. The more you do this, the more discipline of mind you will form, and the subsequent positive results will speak for themselves.

The Subconscious Mind Is The Super Processor Of Your Mind

The subconscious mind deals with all the important things. The subconscious mind determines your beliefs, attitude in life, dispositions, values, motivation, how you see and perceive things, your overall attention, focus and everything else. Whilst the conscious mind is the steering wheel of the car, the subconscious mind is the car itself. For you to achieve your goals, you must wire the subconscious mind towards the achievement of your goals. The subconscious mind decides all of the important things which allow for success. Thus, you need to make wiring the subconscious mind your main priority in life. The subconscious mind is very obedient and executes its tasks perfectly, whether those tasks are good for you or not. 

You Influence The Subconscious Mind By Means Of Your Consciousness

The experiences which happen in your life are telling you about the state of your subconscious mind. The level of focus, alertness, drive, motivation etc are all signals which tell you about the state of your subconscious wiring. You should use these signals to stay on the right track. Your conscious mind is the awareness to allow you to see this signals and act accordingly.

The Subconscious Mind Is Influenced By Suggestion

The subconscious mind is influenced by the words, situations and circumstances in your environment. For you to wire the subconscious mind correctly, you must associate with the right words, situations and circumstances which allow this to happen. You must associate with positive, optimistic people who empower you towards your goals. You must read empowering literature and tools to help you plan your future for the better. You must speak, say and do positive things which empower a positively focused subconscious mind. You must do this consistently and every single day. This is the only way to permanently and decisively re-wire your mind for the success and genius you want to achieve.

In conclusion, the achievement of your goals lies in re-wiring the subconscious mind. You use the conscious mind as the tool to make this happen. The conscious mind is the awareness you have to notice the signals and manifestations of the subconscious mind, in your day to day life situations.

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