Improving the productivity of your employees by boosting their brainpower is an excellent way to achieve maximum returns from your investments.

Every employer should work hard to give their employees every edge they can. The more advantages your employees have, the greater the profits and value to your company they will have in return.

1. Boosting your employees brains will make the workplace more creative

This means you will have more money making ideas and opportunities, allowing your business to grow. Smart employees also means they will do better in their jobs and become an even greater asset to your business.

2. Teach your employees to practise focused action with decisiveness.

This means doing one thing at a time, and not juggling two duties at once. By doing their best for every duty, specialisation in both task and mind can come about. This is the most effective way to raise the productivity within your business.

3. Allow your employees to freely express their ideas

Contrary to some employers impressions, most of your employees probably won't find you to be approachable for suggestions. Having an idea box therefore allows them to express their smart ideas anonymously.

4. Allow your workers to have a personalised work space to use

A personalized work place means the employee can express their identity. This allows them to relate more deeply to their ambitions in work, leading to much more productivity from them.

5. Create an area where abstract and crazy ideas can be put up

Some crazy ideas can become reality, and the more employees you have, the more opportunity you have to come up with some good ideas. All you need really is one good idea which is worth pursuing to justify doing this.

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6. Create a group which is responsible for coming up with creative ideas

The goal of such a group would be to think of improvements or methods that could be brought in to improve employee and company productivity. Creating a habit of coming up with good ideas will seriously boost your firms revenues.

7. Get ideas across the board and from different departments

Getting ideas from every possible person will allow you to take advantage of the different ways that people view things. You may in fact separate people into groups such as via how sporty they are, personality types, tastes in music etc etc. This will allow them to come up with ideas along the same lines, leading to highly specialised ideas.

8. Dedicate to getting a minimum number of ideas every month

When you have a target number of ideas to come up with, it will force people to come up with something, no matter how stupid or fanciful it may seem. All an employer should be looking to gain from this is only one good idea. One good idea is enough to justify an effort like this and can lead to serious financial dividends.