Everything You Know About Success Is Wrong
Everything you know about success is wrong. Its true. There are so many myths, half truths and falsities about success, that it's difficult to know who to listen to, and who not to.

In this article, we will expose some of the myths about success, which maybe you have been affected by. This will then make it easier for you to follow true success and genius creation principles.

Myth 1: Great Success Is Only For The Few And Fortunate

This is utter rubbish. Success is something which is available and achievable by everyone. Every person who is successful has the same resources at their disposal like you do. It is just that these resources are being used in a different way, leading to success. You are just as capable as anyone else as achieving awesome feats. You simply need to gain the understanding of how success works, and then it will become a lot lot lot easier for you. This is why we are writing these articles: to help you become the true genius and successful person you want to be.

Myth 2: You Need Special Talents To Be Successful In A Particular Field

Also, this is total rubbish. You don't need any special talent to be successful. True, if you want to be a mathematical genius, you will obviously need to be talented in math, but in non-intellectual areas such as business, relationships and health, you don't need any special talents. Some of the greatest achievers the world has ever seen, never had any special talents. Many of the greatest successes were college dropouts or had no formal educational background.

Myth 3: You Need To Come From The Right Background To Be A Great Success

Again, total rubbish. If you look at the lives of many successful people, you will find that many of them came from poor families, which were sometimes dysfunctional. Many had no education or formal qualifications. Many of them went from job to job until they found there calling and passion to make them a great success.

Myth 4: There Are No Secrets To Success

This is by far, the biggest lie about success. There are LOADS of secrets to success. If any successful person tells you there is no secret, that person is lying or simply hasn't put enough thought into their words. Here are some secrets to success off the top of my head. This shows without a shadow of a doubt that there are lots of secrets:

a) The Secret Of Concentration: The more concentration power you have, the more access you have to pure potential and the zone of peak performance.

b) The Secret Of The Moment: Living in the moment increases manifestation in the moment, as opposed to living in the future or the past which creates no manifestation

c) The Secret Of Focus: Related to concentration above, but keeping consistent and high degrees of focus on something will increase the size and breadth of the thing being focused on. For example, focusing on your business will increase your business. Focusing on relationship success will increase relationship success etc

d) The Secret Of Thoughts: Thoughts, when held consistently, will manifest into their physical equivalents. For example, having consistent thoughts about prosperity, abundance and riches will draw these things into your life experience.

These are 4 absolutely huge and colossal success secrets. Implementing them will totally change your life around for good. To say there are no secrets to success is a total lie of monstrous proportions.

Myth 5: It Takes A Lot Of Effort To Be Successful

This is also false. There are many super successful people who said it didn't take an atom of effort to be successful. In fact, they believe whole heartedly that it was easy. This requires a strong degree of reflection from you, as to why they said that. The reason is in fact that the mind has been programmed such, that it becomes easy to be successful. The choice to program your mind towards success is yours.

In conclusion, these main myths about success are total lies. You should never fall for them. More myths will be added as time permits.

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