The above statement is a disguise of many secrets. There are fundamental reasons why you want to have faith in your vision and your genius goal, more than faith in the world and what happens around you. Below you will find some key understandings that will help you to realise the importance of vision over the world.

1. Vision is dominant over the world.

What you see in your mind has the power to change the world and everyone in it. When you stick to the world and dis-regard vision, you will never achieve your dreams.

2. Sticking to your vision and acting on it is how things come about in the world

Things do not come about without vision. No matter what is happening around you, sticking to your vision will force everything in the world to change, to make that vision come true.

3. Attaching to the world means you value the world over your vision.

Your vision connects you to the real world in which your mind can access and manifest all possibilities. The world around you is but one possibility, which can only be changed through your vision. So when you attach to the world, you are changing your beliefs to be bound by what is happening in the world. Whereas we should always refine our beliefs based on our vision. This is because it is a law that what we believe, is what is going to come about.

4. The world around you is the true vision of others.

But what about your vision? Do you not wish to achieve your dreams as well? The computer you are reading this on is someone else's dream. The software program you are using is someone's dream. The building you are in was someone's dream. Life is full of signs and evidence and proof that your dreams can come true. So why not follow your dreams, and make them come true as well?

What To Expect

When you stick to your vision and have an unwavering faith that it is granted, over what is happening around you in the world, you are allowing your vision to mould the world to your desire. You free yourself from the limitations in the world, and allow the greater and infinite faculties behind the mind to re-shape reality in whichever way you wish. You need to stick to your vision, and not be disheartened or affected in any way to what is happening around you.

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