Genetics and intelligence are closely interlinked. However, what most people do not realise is that there is room for manoeuvre within genetics to allow intelligence to increase beyond genetic limits.

This article embarks on a basic look into genetics and its relation to intelligence.

In general:

1. Your genes and how they are organised will determine your physiological and mental structures. However there is plenty of room for additional factors to influence this. 

For example, IQ is affected significantly by:

a) childhood experiences, including schooling and background
b) nutritional and diet variables
c) behavior
d) self esteem and confidence
e) peer group
f) outside environmental influences
g) levels of exercise and physical fitness
h) extra-curricular activities

In other words, there are loads of things which can affect your IQ beyond genetics, so never think genetics is the whole story. Genetics in all honesty is only about 40% of the whole story, and the other 60% is up to you. Notable studies which confirm this include the Milwaukee and Glenwood Projects.

2. Nutrition on its own can affect your IQ by over 30 points during your lifetime

People who have an excellent diet and keep themselves fit with optimal nutrition will have much higher IQ's than those who don't. Even taking a simple multi-vitamin every single day can boost your IQ over the long haul. 30 points is huge, and you are likely to have already gained some of this benefit if you are living in a prosperous country or neighbourhood.

3. Education can boost IQ by 15 points over time.

Being well educated means your brain has gone through a thorough mental workout at various stages. You will have likely to have been exposed to incredibly complicated materials which work your brain. You are likely to have a brain in better shape if you have a Masters or PhD qualification above anything else.

4. Intelligence increasing techniques can boost IQ by 20-25 points beyond genetic limits in one month.

A study done at Southern State University showed that the rate that intelligence gains happened was between 20-25 IQ points per month, when using the right techniques. This is also talked about in our e-book guide. IQ increase was measured to be between 20-25 points from 35 hrs worth of dedicated practice. The increase happened using a special combination of visualisation exercises that worked the mind across many areas.


You should never believe that genetics is the only thing when it comes to intellectual ability. There are many other factors which can influence your mind, so consider those possibilities and know that your IQ can rise hugely.

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