The truth is that there are hardly any good IQ tests out there. However, there are a few which can help you gain a good impression of what your true IQ score is. Have a look at some of the tests below and see for yourself.

1. Take an Official Mensa Test. This is perhaps the most famous high IQ society which is out there. Visit to find examples of puzzles you can perform which can prepare you for the real Mensa test. The real test is supervised by a real psychologist in person to ensure accurate results.

2. Take an online test from the International High IQ Society. This is another fairly popular society. Visit to view a selection of different games, puzzles, quizzes and tests which can help you.

3. Go to the cerebrals website at to view difficult IQ tests. These are designed for those whose score lines in the 99.7th percentile or higher. They have many tests which you can download in PDF format and attempt at your own pace.

4. Take the Mega Society IQ test. If you feel you are a genius, try this test which is designed for those with scores exceeding 175.
The Titan Test is also suitable for admission here.

Go to your local psychologist and ask for an IQ test.

7. Take a professional test at

8. Take a mindmedia IQ test by clicking

9. Try the BBC's IQ National IQ Test, available here.

What To Expect

These are just a selection of tests which can help you. There are lots of different tests out there, and the objective here is to provide you with some variety.

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