This article is about some minor ways by which you can boost your habits and creativity. It is a powerful way to generate new ideas and intuition for the things you want to accomplish.

1. You must learn to be totally relaxed, no matter what

The way to achieve this is to live in the moment. This is because momentary living allows you to connect to the subconscious mind within you, allowing profound thoughts, ideas and creativity to rise to the surface. The ideas you want to have already exist in your mind and they simply need drawing forth by linking in with the subconscious foundation within you.

2. Look at the assumptions you make in a situation

Assumptions make you biased in a particular way, and this can only hinder your progress. The key to generating the right mental understanding of things is to examine the assumptions you make and look at the root of what you are saying. This means seeing the beliefs or presuppositions you are making in a situation. Weed those out, and you will achieve Stationary Intelligence, which is about seeing a situation independent of beliefs.

3. Brain storm

Brain storming is a great way to generate more ideas and creativity. Sit down and write a question on the top of a piece of paper (ie the thing you wish to brainstorm). Then set up a time limit, say 5 or 10 minutes. Then write down 24 or 50 ideas that relate to the goal in question. You will need to push yourself as much as possible to force all of these ideas out. Do this as a way to generate as much information and ideas as possible. It will be difficult but stick in there and you will develop awesome ideas that will seriously help your progress in life.

4. Become a hyper positive thinker

Here is a great secret: everybody believes they are a positive thinker, but that on its own gets you nowhere. The only type of positive thinking that works is hyper positive thinking, which is seeing things in such a positive light that it is like you are a maniac with no negative switch on you. You must only, completely, exclusively and solely thing in positive terms to get any benefit from this exercise. You must be so hyper focused on the direction you are moving in that it fills you with enthusiasm and confidence deep on the inside. Only think positive. Positive is the only way and the results are immense.

5. Use the Koinonia Technique

This technique involves you sitting down with a group of peers who share a similar interest to you, and brain storming solutions and ideas. This way, you can make much more progress than you can individually on your own. By brainstorming and enhancing your progress that way, you can establish tremendous creative progress.

6. Embrace the Master Mind Principle

This principle is talked about by Napoleon Hill and is a great secret to creative success. The Master Mind Principle is about getting in touch with those people who are in perfect spirit and harmony to your goals. You will exchange ideas and lessons with that person and expand your creative energies hugely that way.  These people must be in perfect harmony to you, because the two energies combined together work in a synergistic fashion to heighten and increase mental power and subconscious connection even more.

A second application of this is to have a partner for the things you want to accomplish. For example, a business partner, a training partner, a life coach partner or whatever. This person must be just as ambitious as yourself, and you need to be in a perfect system of harmony with that person to engage, enhance and solidify your results further. Both of your mental energies combined will allow you to move quickly and powerfully to the achievement of your goals.

What To Expect

The above six points are simple steps which anyone can implement, but so deadly powerful that it will transform your creativity and idea generation capacity around for good. Try to use these as much as you can and which your innovation and ideas shoot up, that it might shock others.

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