An Article On How Music Can Increase IQ

Not all music can boost your IQ but some particular types of classical music are extremely powerful. These types of music forge new dendrite connections in the brain, and the effects can start from birth onwards.

Here are some basic tips about using music to boost IQ.

1. Listening to classical music is best for quick IQ increase

The works of Mozart and Beethoven are famous for mental function, because the frequencies used are very specific and place the mind in highly distinctive states. Studies have repeatedly shown that your IQ rises by 3-5 points after listening to classical music.

2. Playing a musical instrument will increase IQ

Doing this makes certain regions of the brain more connected with each other, and increases your concentration span. This is why people who play a musical instrument always tend to be smarter in many ways than those who don't.

3. Punk and rock music will decrease IQ

These tend to have a degenerative effect on your brain, because the frequencies are not in correct harmony with one another, because the music is generally chaotic in nature.

4. Brain harmonics increases IQ.

That is, very specific sounds and frequencies within our audios will increase intelligence, because it places the brain into highly specialised mental states. In this case, if the sound you are listening to has a very high frequency, your brain will also resonate at that high frequency as well.

What To Expect/Conclusion

Music is an easy way to increase your IQ, so long as you listen to the right type. The best type for near permanent intelligence increase is the Brain Harmonics IQ Increaser Audio, available on our homepage.

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