How Your Beliefs Work
Your beliefs are what define how you live your life. When you change your beliefs, you will change your life. It will seem miraculous that a change in beliefs can have such wide ranging effects, but this is the truth. It is up to you to use this correctly.

This article explores this topic in more detail.

Beliefs Are Simply Thoughts Which Are Being Repeated Or Held In The Subconscious Mind

Thoughts that are repeated in your mind all the time, define your experiences in life. These thoughts in the subconscious mind are called beliefs. The subconscious nature of beliefs is exactly why you are not aware of many of your beliefs.

Beliefs Are Programmed Into Your Mind From An Early Age

From your first experiences in life, beliefs are programmed. Every situation, word and interpretation of events when you are young affects and forms your beliefs. Your beliefs develop from this young age. The other thing is that when you are young, your mind is very easily manipulated and suggestible. Therefore the young child takes every belief on board - whether it be good or bad. This includes all beliefs about money, self confidence, self worth, life potential, goals, ambitions, environment, other people and the like. Once this model is created, it becomes difficult for the mind to change it later in life...unless you apply some specific steps which we will teach you.

Your Beliefs Are Influenced By Your Parents And The People You Associate With

Your parents or guardians are a major source of your beliefs. There is a saying: "father like son", "mother like daughter". These are true because your parents and their beliefs come down to affect and influence you. If you associate with your parents long enough, you will find yourself exactly mimicking and having the same beliefs as them. So if your parents are very successful, you are likely to have many successful beliefs, making success easy. If your parents are living a mediocre life, you are likely to have mediocre beliefs as well.

Your friends and colleagues also influence your beliefs. When you go to nursery, then school, then high school: every situation affects your beliefs and feelings of self worth and confidence.

Your Beliefs Determine How You See Things

Your beliefs determine how you interpret things. This is the important here. For any given situation, there are a thousand different ways that it can be interpreted. By getting the right beliefs, you will interpret the events in a way which is most related to the truth, and in the most helpful way for you to achieve your goals. By not taking active precaution and charge of your beliefs, you may have the wrong beliefs which will make you interpret things wrongly, given the wrong result. This is exactly what you don't want as it won't help you to achieve your goals.

Your Beliefs Allow For Success

Having the right beliefs will always propel you towards success. Beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of (called self confidence and self esteem) have a huge impact on your quality of life. When you believe in yourself, you are willing to go further, for longer and in a stronger way. You have higher motivation to do the things to make you succeed. When you believe in your abilities, you are more productive, you see the positive side of things, and you adopt precise measures to get precise results.

The Only Way To Change Beliefs Is To Constantly Re-Program The Subconscious Mind

You re-program the subconscious mind by reading aloud affirmations, being totally focused on your goals, achieving your targets and similar.

In conclusion, understanding beliefs allows you to change them. Learn to recognise beliefs and you will be on the path to change and success.

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Key Points On Beliefs

1. Beliefs are thoughts in the subconscious mind, which are repeated

2. Your childhood experiences are responsible for much of the beliefs you hold today

3. You are likely to have very similar beliefs to your parents if you were raised by them

4. Beliefs are super important. They affect the way you see things and determine the level of success you will have in life.

5. Beliefs can be changed through our teachings.