There is tremendous wisdom in ignoring our rationale and logic in almost every situation and instead, practising intuition. This is because your conscious mind is merely a collection of learned responses. Therefore any interpretation it makes is based on what has happened to you on the past, and the meanings you derived from it. If your past is full of mistakes, you are making judgements from the perspective of your mistakes, leading to more of them.

However, with the subconscious mind we manage to bypass all the limitations of the conscious mind, so that true intuition, learnings and wisdom can come to the fore without their being an element of bias through past representations through our consciousness. Below you will find some lessons to help you understand this properly:

1. Intuition is a result of the correct way of thinking.

That is, reasoning has more to do with laws of energy, more than laws of reasoning. We should therefore rely more on complementing the laws of energy to attract the right thoughts, than using the thoughts themselves and arranging them to form our judgements. Thoughts follow a process, and when it is complemented, the result is correct and meaningful intuition.

2. The most solid foundation is the subconscious mind.

This means that anything which comes from it directly (i.e. intuition) is also on a solid foundation. The subconscious mind itself is free of bias and it can take on multiple perspectives at the same time. It is a superprocessor of enormous strength and power.

3.  Subconscious thoughts are insights into action.

The intuition can guide us when we are unsure as to which direction we must take. It acts as a beacon and gives us courage, that what we are doing is correct.

4. Intuition warns us of certain detrimental situations.

Our gut instinct lets us know when a dodgy situation appears. This instinct should never be ignored, because it is an insight which has come from our subconscious mind, which has processed the whole situation.

5. Intuition allows us to wake up and see the truth in a situation.

We can go for months and years going through the same cycles, and without any proper understanding of a situation. Intuition puts a break on this way of thinking, and allows us to take on a fresh and fundamental change in our thinking and behavior.

6. We can receive intuition from the way we do things.

In other words, through keeping a calm and silent mind. We must also practise momentary living which is acting independant of conscious and rational thought. Conscious thought is very seldom needed when we establish a solid link with the giant that lies within.

What To Expect

When we allow our intuition to come to the fore, we will greatly accelerate the progress towards our goals. This is because out subconscious mind has a much greater understanding of what the best process and procedures to achieve our goals are. It is therefore best if we continue to enhance our intuition and achieve our goals this way, without instead relying on the faults of logic.

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