An IQ test can help measure many different intellectual abilities, such as your memory powers, problem solving, logic abilities, grammar and numerical skills. There are many different measures of IQ, including the Stanford-Binet system and Weschler scale. 

Below is a useful table of IQ scores and what they mean at each level.

IQ Level

Under 70
Corresponding Level Of Intelligence

Low Intelligence
Moderately low intelligence
Low normal intelligence
Normal Intelligence
High Intelligence
Very high intelligence
Slightly gifted intelligence
Very gifted level intelligence
Extreme intelligence
Genius intelligence

This is a very standard way of viewing IQ and its score, but there is said to be many different ways to measure intellectual ability besides IQ. For example, we have created the concept of Brain Score, which assesses some areas which IQ misses. A lot of IQ tests seem to be culturally biased as well, leading to less fair results than otherwise. In any case, the table above can allow you to see where you are right now. Once this is set, your goal should be to set up a plan of what IQ you would like to achieve.

There is no point in being a genius if you are going to do nothing with it. Having realistic goals for what you want in life will allow you to effectively work to the IQ you want, with dedication and commitment.

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