These guidelines have been designed to help you make the most from IQ tests, so that you can get a score which is in line with your highest capabilities. This will ensure constant growth and long term development for whatever you wish to achieve.

1. Use the IQ test that is appropriate for the mental area you want to target

An IQ test that assesses "genius" levels of IQ will not be ideal if your IQ is below 130. Likewise, taking an easy IQ test will not help if you have a genius IQ level. So, it is important to take a test that is appropriate for what you want to assess. Some IQ tests are also culturally biased, which is not ideal. Taking non-culture biased tests will allow you to achieve exceptional results in less time.

2. Take several tests and average your score for the best result

Different IQ tests work in different ways, and may target slightly different mental areas. By taking several tests and then averaging your score, you can get the most accurate overall result.

3. Take tests that target your intelligence in general, instead of just one area.

You will find that some tests target very specific mental areas, and this is not ideal to get a broad and overall impression of your IQ ability. By choosing tests that target many areas, you get the overall impression of your abilities. Different mental areas are spatial, sequencing, patterning, logic, grammar, numeracy, creativity, memory etc

4. Do not take the same IQ test over and over

If you score higher in an IQ test than previously, consider whether you had done that IQ test already. Some tests will offer the same questions over and over again, meaning you will have answered those questions before. It is therefore important when taking a test, that the questions and completely unique. This will allow for the most accurate score.

5. Answer the questions as accurately as possible, and don't try and guess

Answering the questions accurately and not guessing on certain answers if you don't know them, will allow you to get the most accurate result.

What To Expect

If you follow these guidelines accurately, you will get the most relevant and accurate scores from your IQ test.

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