Keeping A Totally Clear Mind
Keeping a totally clear mind is fundamental to success. When you keep your mind clear, all manner of laws of consciousness fall into operation. This is a great secret which hardly anybody knows.

Laws of consciousness are extremely subtle, and its only by learning the knowledge from others or by keeping a very keen analytical mind that these laws can be found. This is what this article is about.

A Clear Mind Allows You To Focus Easily

When there is a lack of clarity, focus becomes impossible. This means that you are not in control of the mind, and instead, the mind is in control of you. When that happens, you will seem to go about life without any clear direction. You will lack all the essential success qualities like motivation, energy etc. So what you need to do is create high levels of clarity to begin with to allow yourself to focus. This focus will bring you into natural alignment with your subconscious mind, making success easy.

A Clear Mind Allows Control Of The Mind

When the mind is clear, there is no obstacle or distraction to stop you from controlling the mind. This means that controlling the mind then becomes easy. Control of the mind basically means that the mind will do what it is told, in as efficient a manner as possible, without any internal mental obstacles to throw you off course. This type of mental control allows your energy, motivation, focus, concentration, creativity, intuition and everything else associated with success to increase. All of it will happen when you make your mind clear.

A Clear Mind Means There Is Nothing Going On In The Mind

In other words, there are hardly any conscious or obvious thoughts in the mind. This is good, because it means that you are not in a position to judge, be overtly critical or harsh on yourself, allowing your self esteem, confidence and belief in your goals to increase easily and naturally. Also, it means that your thoughts are being directed towards the attainment of your goals. Thoughts have creative power, meaning that the energy of the thoughts can actually influence and create physical outcomes in the real world. When the thoughts are being directed to your goal, there will be hardly any thoughts in your mind, because the thoughts are busy being directed to your goal target. This is good. It frees your mind and body to act on the tasks required to achieve the goal, without distractions and obstacles getting in the way.

You Create A Clear Mind Through Clear Visualisation And Focus

This might seem a bit contradictory to the first point but it isn't. Focusing clearly allows clarity of mind, which then increases focus even more, so the two actually reinforce and depend on each other. To get the focus in the first place, you visualise clearly in your mind. You visualise the outcome you want to achieve, and you do it precisely with no mental distractions whatsoever. For example, if you were to visualise for 30 mins, your mind would be fully concentrating on the goal in the visualisation for at least 95-99% of the time. If you are getting distracted too easily, the visualisation will not be as powerful to help you. By keeping fully on track throughout the visualisation, your focus and clarity will dramatically increase. It will be very strange and almost scary to see the results.

You will find that your mind will be super focused and bodily action to the goal is high in energy and motivation: in other words it will become easy to achieve the goal, and the right situations and circumstances will seem to come to you from almost nowhere.

You Must Defend The Clarity Of Your Mind By Removing Environmental Distractions

You are in charge of your life, and also in charge of the things in your immediate environment. You can choose and make the decision to remove certain things in your life that aren't helping you succeed. For example, things like TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, computer games, friends and other people etc are all sources of distraction. You need to seriously minimise these distractions if you are to succeed. By removing them, you allow the clarity and focus of your mind to increase naturally. You will be able to exhibit high degrees of productivity and efficiency extremely easily.

In conclusion, clarity of mind is very important for success. You must always make sure your mind is clear. The Wealth Manifestation Audio is extremely powerful and useful for this, since it uses the BrainTune technology to get your mind into the right state (it is a multi-task tool, and not just useful for wealth creation). This saves you years of trial, error and effort.

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