Keeping Thoughts Focused
Keeping your thoughts focused is about making your thoughts in constant alignment with your goals, and not having them go randomly in other directions.

This will happen through consistent and focused effort toward achieving your goals. When the thoughts are in alignment here, you will make high levels of progress because your thoughts are fully and genuinely focused on what you are doing.

You Must Make High Levels Of Action Every Day

When you make high levels of action and totally focus on the actions you are performing, you allow high productivity in your mind to occur. You will increase in focus and be able to exhibit strong mental control. This means that your thoughts will remain on target for the task you are performing, and won't go randomly in other directions all the time. For example, you won't have un-associated and disinteresting thoughts crop up all the time to distract you. You will be totally focused and be able to give high levels of progress as a result.

You Must Live In The Moment

When you live in the moment, you are able to manifest in the present. You are not thinking about the future or the past which are non-existent as real entities anyway. By putting your full attention here, you are getting natural traction to achieve naturally a high level of results. You will end up getting into "the zone" of high activity on a regular basis, and your mind will always seem to be crystal clear and up for achieving things. You will then find that your mind will become much more disciplined in concentrating on the moment naturally. Your focus will increase easily and you will have much greater intuitions, understandings and positive experiences.

You Must Follow A Plan Of Action

Following a plan of action allows you to focus entirely on it and nothing else. This stops your thoughts from wandering in non-important directions. You learn to exhibit total control of your thoughts to focus entirely on the plan and nothing else. This allows you to achieve the plan with much greater sophistication and ease. You will find yourself moving diligently and efficiently this way. Sticking and following a plan over time and all the time will allow you to be fully organised in your mind. You will be able to achieve full mental control, giving exceptional results.

You Must Get Into The Right Environment

By getting into an environment of high productivity, you achieve it. When people are running around, busy striving towards their goals, this mindset assimilates itself into you as well. You will therefore find yourself being able to exert high levels of effort consistently and all the time, without any signs of fatigue. You will begin to develop a workaholic mentality easily, and you will be totally focused on the things you need to achieve. This is what will allow for the maximum level of success, in the quickest time possible. It won't just happen when you're surrounded by the wrong people. Surrounding yourself with the right people will give you the inspiration and motivation you need to keep moving in the right direction for results.

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