Our brain is made up of two parts, called the left brain (or hemisphere) and the right brain (or hemisphere).

Each part of the brain has different strengths and weaknesses, and each individual person is also either left brain or right brain orientated. This article gives you some basic information about the two brain hemispheres.

1. The left brain is different from the right brain, but also has many common elements.

The left brain is said in many circles to be more about analysis, logic and objectivity. The right brain sees things in a more symbolic, creative and metaphorical manner. This means that when you are being analytical or logical, you are very likely using the left brain. If you are being creative or artistic, you are very likely using the right brain.

2. The two brain parts can co-operate with one another for additional brain power.

So when the two brain parts operate together and reinforce their functions, a person is able to have the benefits of both worlds. This means there thinking has additional depth and brainpower. If the two brain parts operated separately, it would make it look as if the person had two brains with two personalities, and each brain would be against the other!

3. To develop a particular brain part, you must focus on doing things which complement that brain part.

For example, to develop your left brain, you could do some logical analysis or math. If you did that every 2nd day for 2-3 months, you would definitely notice the difference. To develop the right brain, you could practise for a similar period of time, and do things like art, poetry, painting and brainstorming.  

4. It is okay to be left or right brain in orientation. One is not better than the other.

It is difficult to say which brain side is dominant in most people because the statistics aren't accurate. However, any variations in people between the left and right brain are simply a result of genetic variation.  You can also just as easily improve your non-dominant side using mental training exercises.