The level of intent is an area of existence which forms the basis of manifestation and how things come about in our lives. It is a level which is implicit in manifesting your reality, and so can affect everything which can be influenced in your life.

It's importance to us, is that if we set a proper intention in the right way, it can be charged at the level of intention to create drastic changes in our life.

Not only will your immediate environment change without any effort, but we ourselves will change as well. It is therefore a compulsory tool to aid in the plight of a genius.

For example, if I wish to invent, achieve or become something, charging it at the level of intent will make it come about. Below you will find some tips about the level of intent, and its powers:

1. The level of intent is extremely powerful and life changing.

It is not something to be messed around and consciously accessed by those who do not have the correct mindset. This is because the incorrect mindset will become charged with true intent if you access this level, and therefore incorrect manifestations will arise.

2. The level of intent can be access consciously as it exists in us.

This means that there are certain things which we can do, to access this super-force.

3. The level of intent exists as a creative force.

This means that having a true intent in the level of intention will charge it with creative energy.

4. Any intent at the level of intent will begin to manifest physically.

 The level of intent is like a law of nature. It is therefore not biased in any way. Any intent which is not at the level of intent will not come about. This is why simple wishful thinking and goal setting gets people nowhere, whereas getting the thought into intent allows progress.

5. The level of intent is to do with intentions, and not with desire or decision.

The level of intent is where true intentions are. An intention in itself is different from a desire or a decision. An intention is something that is at the level of intent and will come about. A desire is the weakest, and an intent is the strongest of forces.

What To Expect

When you are able to do things through a proper understanding of the level of intent, it takes on a life of its own to create drastic changes in your life. Things to be expected include:

A. A rapid shift in mindset, personality and motivation towards your goals.

B. A burning desire to get things moving and to achieve your wishes.

C. Noticeable changes in the physical environment in accordance with your goal. E.g. a sharp increase in luck

D. More automation in how your life operates. Your life will seem to move on its own without any effort whatsoever. This is the true power of intent which has changed the nature of who you are.

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