Living In The Moment
Living in the moment to purify your mind is an absolute essential of success in life. If you are to become a genius, you must learn to live in the moment. This is so crucial and so important that you must understand this topic.

The basics of this are explained in this article.

Living In The Moment Means Putting Your Attention Only On What You Are Doing

Instead of always thinking about the future or the past, when you live in the moment, you are putting your whole attention directly on what you are doing in the here and now. Your whole focus is on the here and now and nowhere else. This allows your focus, power and direction to increase in this moment. It brings superior levels of clarity and focus. It brings you to a much more heightened state of awareness, where intuition and creativity can come to the fore.

Living In The Moment Should Be Your Full And Dominant Intention For The Day

The dominant intention you should have for the whole day, as you go through it, is to live in the moment. When you learn to fully give your attention and emphasis to living in the moment, you allow yourself to achieve it. This is the dominant and most important mindset to have to achieve any level of success you want in life. When you set the intention to achieve this, and actively go about to try and maintain momentary living, you will achieve huge success in your life. You will increase your income extremely quickly. You will also feel more fulfilled, satisfied and happy about life. You will have a great sense of achievement and accomplishment in everything you do. You will feel good on a continuous basis, allowing for high levels of success to enter your life easily.

Living In The Moment Allows You To Access The State Of Pure Potential

The pure potential state is that state of mind where all positive, good things occur. It is the state of mind which allows for favorable outcomes to take place, and for you to increase in abundance and prosperity as a result. It is the state of mind which allows you to increase in all favorable outcomes. When you live in the moment and allow this to happen naturally and easily, you are in the position to achieve the favorable outcomes you desire. You are in the position to quickly increase in your success. You will find yourself being "in the zone" constantly and having a high state of awareness. You will feel good on a regular and consistent basis.

The pure potential state is a mental-physical waypoint where the possibilities that are favorable to you can occur. Having this pure potential state open is the only way to allow your mind to help you in achieving your goals. The pure potential state is the most important of the states and you can access it by living in the moment.

Living In The Moment Over Time Makes It Easier To Live In The Moment

As you learn to increase in all favorable mental states, and especially the momentary living state, you will make it easier to keep that state going indefinitely. You will find it easier to keep living in the moment, instead of going off track. Your levels of confidence and satisfaction will increase considerably. You will have a much clearer mind, and be making progress on a daily basis.

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