Magnetic Mind Power
The mind is a strange sort of magnet. The thoughts which you have in your mind work in a magnetic fashion, meaning that thoughts bring more thoughts of the same type into your awareness.

This is an exceptionally important principle for success, because by holding the right thoughts, you can bring a whole variety of similar right thoughts towards your goals. This makes goal achievement exceptionally easy as we shall see.

Using The Magnetic Power Of Your Mind Is The Only Way That Success Can Be Achieved

There is no other way on earth that success can be achieved, except through the magnetic power of your mind. This is a very important point. There are millions of people who work hard, to achieve little success. At the same time, there are those who hardly put in any effort, but achieve exceptional success. The reason is because the successful person is using the magnetic power of their mind unknowingly to create the results they desire.

The mind brings more of what it thinks about into awareness. So if you think about prosperity, abundance and riches on a continuous basis, your mind will bring more thoughts of the same type into your awareness: that is, you will think more of prosperity, abundance and riches, and will find reasons to talk of prosperity, abundance and riches.

The Thoughts In Your Mind Build On Top Of One Another And Get Stronger

Any thought you have builds on top of itself, with a similar and more powerful thought. This then leads to a similar and even more powerful thought and so forth. Eventually you end in a situation where the thoughts have accumulated to a very powerful level. These thoughts have the power to influence mental and physical outcomes.

Your Thoughts Can Influence Other People When They Are Strong Enough

You live in a mental influence world, and other people can be influenced depending on the thoughts which you think. By thinking a thought consistently and sufficiently enough, it will grow larger and be able to influence other people. Other people will seem to be drawn to the thoughts you are having and share similar thoughts. This is a result of the magnetic power of your thoughts. It is not just magnetism within your own mind, but also magnetism between minds which creates these effects. The magnetic power of your mind is one of the strangest things you will ever encounter. But it is 100% true, and will utterly transform your life when you take full advantage of it.

You Must Defend The Magnetic Nature Of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts can fluctuate in their level of magnetism depending on your diet, behavior, environment and beliefs. By maintaining the correct beliefs constantly, the power of your thoughts will grow, allowing to achieve what you want. But by not being in harmony with magnetism by doing detrimental things, the magnetic power will diminish. In that case, it will take enormous energy and action to even produce little results. So by defending your thought magnetism, you can allow high levels of success to happen easily. You will be able to exert little concentration and focus, and this will lead to incredibly huge outcomes extremely quickly.

You Must Continue To Re-Write The Script Of Your Life

The script of your life is the story which you tell yourself in your mind. By re-writing it completely, you set yourself up to think and do new things. You put your creative energy into a new direction for a new result. This is how the mind works. By talking about how you want things to be, you put creative energy into it, and thought magnetism will automatically accelerate and grow those thoughts you are having. Constantly thinking like this will work wonders in your life. You will always seem to be getting what you talk about, and your life will be full of super positive experiences.

In conclusion, your mind as a magnet may seem unrealistic at first, simply because you have not been aware of it. But by increasing your awareness through this knowledge, and by practising the teachings outlined here, you will begin to see how the mind is in fact a very specific magnet. You must use this to your advantage to achieve your goals in life.

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