Making a decision is a lot more difficult to do than most people realise. The reason for this is because most people do not even know what it is to make a decision. Below you will find some critical lessons to help you propel your way to becoming a genius in your chosen field:

1. A decision is when you follow only one course of action, and eliminate all other courses.

This means you put all of your focus into the course of action you have chosen, and all other courses of action do not receive a single atom of focus, concentration, action or debate. You go down one route and one route only, and you put all your energy and attention into that one route only. All other routes are eliminated. That is decision. Thus, when we decide that we are growing to grow a business, we should only focus on growing the business by providing more information and products, and by expanding our market base.

We do not mess around researching other unrelated things, spending our resources watching TV and going to the football etc etc. We do one thing and make that the whole purpose of our life until it comes true.

2. Only ever feed your mind with what will reinforce your beliefs to your goals.

A decision means you are going to always maintain the right beliefs and mindset for your goals. There is never any wavering, and there is never any doubt. We constantly strive to maintain the right mindset and put the right information out to reinforce our beliefs and resolve to our goals. We eliminate every atom and thing which could possibly jeopardise this. We listen to our own inner voice and launch towards our goals, all the time.

3. We eliminate the rest of society from influencing us negatively.

99.9% of society will never fully understand success, because they never truly understand their own nature to be successful. They are a detriment to one another. We should therefore decrease its importance and credibility in influencing us. Mass media devices such as TV, radio and newspapers are completely detrimental to success. The problem is in the mindsets which the propose. It is therefore in our interest to eliminate these faults, and weak points from our life. We should rely more on intuition and our understanding of the correct way of doing things, to get us where we want to go.

What To Expect

When you make a firm decision, all of your energy will go into it and your life will be presented with a single focus and direction. These means that all of your energy will go towards living your dream. Your life will become a lot more clearer defined, more enjoyable, and a lot easier.