Time is running out. The year is already 2008, and you are probably  sitting around deciding whether you can be a genius or not!

The truth is that time is running out for you to achieve your goals. You only have one precious shot to get what you want. You need to take massive decisive action now and strive towards your goals.

This goes without saying, but many people are completely clueless as to how to act correctly. In this article, i want to talk about the main steps you must take to ensure your actions are both productive and cumulative, to help you on the path to supreme intelligence.

1. You must realize that performing the right actions is a cumulative process that takes time.

You will not be able to do the right thing all the time at first, because it is only through practise that we can make the actions perfect. We therefore must make minor adjustments to our actions on a daily basis, so that over time, huge changes in our behavior have taken place. When linked to practising intelligence increasing techniques, we must ensure that we are making small improvements and performing techniques, even if for a few minutes, on a daily basis.

2. We must realise that taking action requires that we maintain the momentum of action.

This means that when we decide to act and do things in a certain way only, we must always keep this way up indefinitely. If we are prone to chopping and changing things as we go along, we are ruining the focus and energy which we are generating to get things moving. Action is simply the physical aspect of focus. Thus, the more we act and keep this momentum by eliminating everything else and only doing one thing, the more we physically move towards our goals.

3. We must create a decisive plan of what we are going to do on a daily basis.

That way, when it comes to the day, we simply need to do the things we need to do in the best way we can. This is through giving 100% mental attention to what we are doing, and getting on with it.

4. To give 100% for every action, we must not think any thoughts outside the task which we are performing.

100% focus and attention should be on it. When we do this, we are putting 100% of our energy into the actions we are performing, and therefore the energy will expand and allow more to come to the fore.

5. We must believe with 100% faith and conviction that our actions are worthwhile towards our goals.

The truth is that believing is seeing. Therefore, if we believe that we can do it, and that our actions are going to get us where we want, then that is what will correlate in the physical world.

6. Taking "massive action " is a phrase coined by Anthony Robbins.

It basically means that we need to ACT in our lives as opposed to reacting and letting other things rule the roost. We need to act to re-arrange the physical world around us. We do this by acting over the physical world, because it is at our behest. We command it, and we control it. We simply need to act over it to make it do and become what we want it to. The problem here is that we believe that other people can also act over it, therefore creating conflict when two people have the same or conflicting aspirations. This concept and problem is false. The truth is that there is always room for everyone to achieve their goals, because reality flows through you. You are the center of the world, so everybody else's dreams will be moulded to the reality that you want and have created. There is no exception to this Law.

What To Expect

Taking massive decisive action requires strength of effort and motivation when we are not doing it correctly. However, the correct way allows us to move by without effort. We should therefore learn the steps we must take to act correctly. That way, progress towards our goals will be quick and satisfying.

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