Making Decisive Action Every Day
Making decisive action every day is about making the actions which will allow you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. By making decisive action, you bring all your natural resources into alignment so that high levels of progress can be made on a consistent and regular basis.

This article explores this topic in more detail, and gives some helpful hints on what you can do to achieve the most from decisive action.

Follow A Diligence Plan

Most plans are completely useless, because they violate the principles of diligence. For you to achieve remarkable levels of success extremely quickly, you will need to follow a diligence plan. A diligence plan is a plan which is written in such a way, that it is giving a pure return on investment of your time and energy. This pure return can come in several forms, but the most common return is to put your mind into "the zone". Stated another way, a plan which puts you in "the zone" quickly and efficiently can be regarded as being a diligence plan.

A diligence plan is written in such a way that getting into the zone becomes easy. You make high levels of progress quickly and efficiently, and following the plan is also easy. The steps of a diligence plan should be written such, that even a child could understand it. This allows for complete mental traction on the plan, allowing for deep penetration of your creative mental energies into the plan. The plan then manifests quickly and efficiently, and you are also put into "the zone" of peak performance.

Act Quickly And Efficiently At All Times

Don't be slow and take your time. Time is of the essence. By doing things quickly and efficiently, you allow your mind to fall into peak mental states extremely quickly. Remember: it is your mental state and being in peak states that will allow you to achieve success extremely quickly. This is the quickest and easiest way that success is achieved.

Act From A Position Of Strength

Acting from a position of strength will allow the strength to increase more and more. You will become stronger and more solid on the inside. Your mental states will become clearer, more focused and more driven. You will be able to keep going with complete focus and clarity all the time. You will be in "the zone" almost 24/7 over time, and high levels of success will come easily. Acting from a position of strength is a sign to your subconscious that you are abundant and have plenty - and that your beliefs are one of prosperity, riches, plenty and abundance. This connects you to true nature, because nature is abundant and has plenty. There is plenty for everyone and the world is abundant. By embracing this from a position of strength, the abundance, prosperity and plenty will increase in all areas of your life.

Do Something Every Day No Matter What

Even if you're feeling a bit low one day, you should still act and do something. The important thing here is to get out of the house and get some fresh air to clear your mind, and then do something that will help you move closer to your goals. You could read a book, listen to some audios, get advice from a friend, attend a seminar/workshop, learn something new about your goals etc etc. There is always something more you can learn and do to achieve what you want. By making progress every day, you will be well on the way to achieving what you want quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, making decisive action will solidify your intent, make your mind more focused and clear and allow you to enter "the zone" of peak performance where all good things will be possible for you.

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