There are many little things you can do to boost your IQ and mental powers. Making small changes in what happens in your mind and the way you think, is all that's needed to gently push your mind in the right direction. We talk about some of these things below:

1.  Use mind calming techniques every single day

It is vitally important that you keep your mind calm. This specifically means that the thoughts you have should be controlled, focused and calm. Some things you can do to help you are: power meditation sessions, improving your body language and posture, doing vigorous cardiovascular exercise and breathing properly. Also, remaining positive minded and associating with happy people will also help to calm the mind.

Focus of mind is crucial to achieving high levels of concentration. When the concentration rises, all the other mental powers can be more easily accessed. The fundamental without a doubt is your concentration ability, so its best to begin working on this first. Then, other areas like your problem solving, memory, idea generation and creativity will greatly benefit.

2. Start to live entirely in the moment

Living in the moment means putting your whole mental attention in the here and now. This means focusing on what you are doing, without having irrelevant thoughts. The more you can invest your mind directly on what you are doing, the more mental power you are able to generate. This effectively means that the powers of your subconscious mind are accessed, meaning more mental power for any task you have.

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3. Write your goals down regularly

If you write your goals down regularly, you will re-wire your subconscious mind for them. This means writing your 3-5 most important goals, at least once a week. 3-5 goals are more than enough, because any more and it will become clumsy or too much for you to go for at once. Having a "core" set of goals is vital to achieving success and moving more quickly to what you want.

This exercise releases mental energy from the subconscious mind.

4. Get good sleep every single night.

The key to good sleep is to go to bed at the same time every night, and to wake at the same time every morning. For this, you need to have discipline, but developing that discipline and sticking to it now will dramatically improve your mental output and capabilities.

You should be aiming for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night (longer for some and less for others, but 7-8 hours is the norm). Once you get into a solid routine, your mind will be ready and energised to push you the next level right away.

5. Spend your time through prioritisation.

Spending your time wisely allows you to be focused. When you are lazying about, the mind goes to rust, meaning less focus, concentration and everything else. To boost your mental power and give yourself the winning edge, you will need to prioritise your time and get on with the things you need to do to achieve your goals. Do important things and get rid of all the distractions.

6. Change your beliefs.

What we believe deep on the inside is what will be shown true to us on the outside. This is a very important lesson that has been talked about for thousands of years, and still applies true now. A belief is a thought which is being played and held in the subconscious mind. It is like a lens by which we see reality. To change the deeply held beliefs of the subconscious is to change your life. To change your beliefs is firstly about calming the mind. Remember that a belief is simply a thought. Thus, when your mind is calm and has less thoughts, you automatically have less beliefs. This is a huge topic which other articles will teach you about, but for now, know that you must change your beliefs to derive maximum mental power for what you want.

7. Exercise your mental faculties.

Here are some things you can do to exercise your mind:

a) Calculate the shopping from the grocery store in your head
b) Play puzzles, brainteasers and mind games like chess, crosswords, bingo or sudoku
c) Count from 300 to 1 in your head with total concentration and focus
d) Concentrate your mind on one point and stop your mind wandering
e) Meditate in a calm location, concentrating on your breathing
f) Visualise an image in your mind and try and develop that image in all its sensory rich detail
g) Go for a vigorous cardiovascular run
h) Read a highly technical book in a complicated subject, such as an academic book on math, physics, economics or philosophy

8. Use intelligence increasing techniques.

Try our BrainTune
Series or The Complete Guide To Genius, for all the real, hardcore, intelligence increasing techniques. Many of those have lots of scientific research to back them up, as well as being tested for years by university students, academics and professionals who benefit the most. If want a serious mental workout, consider that, or else stick with the basic tips above for the time being.

What To Expect

There is enough basic information here to begin making powerful changes in your life. View the other articles for more information to help you.

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