The way you think about things is the dominant factor which will make or break your life. What happens in your life is more to do with how you think about things, more than anything else. In this article, I want to explain some of the lessons surrounding this topic, so you can understand how important it is to be aware of what is happening in your mind.

1. The intention and belief you have when you do something physical is what is going to come about.

For example, if you are giving 100% attention and intention to achieve a particular outcome, then that is what will come about: you will achieve the goal with 100% certainty. However, if you are half-hearted in your mind, you will not achieve the desired result. You will get a half-hearted result.  The same goes with any other situation in your life.

If you intend to workout and grow your muscles, you need to believe with 100% certainty that your muscles are going to grow from every workout, and that you are always getting stronger. If you do not, your efforts will lead to no results. This is why some people can hit the gym for years and still experience little results. The same also goes with getting rich. You need to believe with 100% certainty that everything which you are doing is going to lead to a successful deal, venture or financial reward etc.

2. Using the physical environment as a means to measure progress will lead to failure. We should therefore be detached from outcomes in our life.

The physical environment is only the apparent reality. The true reality is what is being manifested through your mind.  As long as you keep to the vision which you see in your mind, the whole physical world around you will eventually bend to make your dreams come true. This is why it is critical to remove all distractions which will lead to doubts. These distractions include the TV, music, newspapers, other people's opinions and successes etc etc. These will lead to doubts which will make you become attached to the physical world instead.

3. You should always be aware of what you are thinking and what beliefs you have.

If you believe something is rubbish, it will become even worse. If you believe that you can do it and act with 100% faith, independant of the physical outcomes you see around you, you will succeed. The mind controls everything which happens in life. We simply need to keep our mental state in good beliefs, always so that good things will always happen in our life.

4. We should always strive to focus all our energy to our goals.

This will mould the world to your mental image. We should never live in a reality in which we are not in control. We are in control when we only allow those things which further us towards our goals to come into our lives.

What To Expect

Understanding the powers of mind will allow us to realise that things are not really the way they are. What you believe, decide, intend and act on is what is going to come about. This process simply emphasises the importance of what we have in our mind to create changes in our life. Practising this secret will lead to monumental and strange changes in your life, which you will put down to the power of your mind.

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