More Intelligence Than The Mind
There is more intelligence than the mind means that there are more things to do with intelligence than what you're immediately aware of in your mind.

The mind is only one aspect of intelligence. It is an instrument. The other main areas of intelligence come from beyond the mind. This article explores this in more detail.

The Mind Is Only One Aspect Of Intelligence

The mind has thoughts and can think, and this is the extent which the intelligence of the mind extends. Other aspects of intelligence which are beyond the mind are being, super creativity, intuition, motivation, vision and purpose. These are areas of intelligence which the mind can only very vaguely relate to, because they come from beyond the mind.

True Intelligence Comes From Beyond The Mind

For you to become a genius, you need to connect with the deeper layers of intelligence which are beyond the mind. The most important of these is BEING. Being is an aspect of yourself, where you are fully in tune with who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Here, you feel important, powerful and guided. You will seem to make the right decisions and the right thoughts and ideas will come to you.

To connect to being means detaching from the mind and allowing your consciousness to connect freely to its own natural source in BEING. Being is your most powerful inner self, and disconnecting from your mind allows that.

You Can Disconnect From The Mind By Living In The Moment

When you live in the moment, you are allowing yourself to connect to your inner being, because your consciousness and awareness is on the present moment which the mind does not recognise. To say that again, the mind does not fully recognise the present moment, because it is mostly pre-occupied with the future or the past. For example, thinking about problems of the past or worries and situations of the future, is the mind typically in action. When you live in the moment, the mind seems to lose its identity because it is no longer focused on the future or the past. This lose of identity allows the mind to essentially disappear, leaving what's real - ie your real intelligence, behind. This real intelligence and SOURCE of power is the inner being.

Your Inner Being Is The Most Powerful Aspect Of Intelligence There Is

So with the mind now removed by living in the moment, you can connect to your inner being, which is the most powerful aspect of intelligence that there is. When you do that, your productivity, ideas, vision, motivation and plans to your goal will increase. Success will seem to become easy and natural for you. You will always feel good about yourself, and good situations will seem to be the norm. You will also seem to attract the right opportunities and situations that allow you to succeed. All of this will happen when you connect to your inner being.

Staying connected to your inner being is the ideal recipe for success. The first step once again, to do that, is to live in the moment. Ie to put your whole attention on your present situation and not to think about the future or the past. The true intellectual abilities will then come out.

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