Improve Focus And Concentration To Completely New Levels

Optimal Focus is designed to improve the ultimate student learning tool. It will help you to learn, memorise, study and revise information faster. Save hours of revision time and get higher grades at last.

You get 4 different audios for different types of study effort, giving the most effective results.

 Available for instant download onto your PC or Mac system.
Listen to the sounds using earphones, headphones or speakers
Load to your mp3 player or other system for on-the-move playing
Store backups and burn to CD for CD player listening

The Optimal Focus BrainTune® Series will help you to systematically increase your concentration power and mental productivity. The added bonus is that your overall IQ will also benefit, increasing over time by over 10 points with consistent use.

Concentration is important because without it, any cognitive task will lack mental control. In fact, many people struggle with concentration and attention, not realising that it can be cured with the appropriate solution.

Optimal Focus will develop calm, concentrative precision and clarity, allowing you to establish a strong mental foundation for all intelligence related endeavours. This will have a huge effect across all areas of life

Simply slip on a pair of headphones/earphones and let the BrainTune® sounds bring your mind to a whole new level. Package contains  4 individual BrainTun audios, complete with detailed instructions on use.


How Do I Use These Audios?

You should listen to these whilst studing or revising information. Listen to the track of your choice and will information being memorised, revised and studied faster. You will feel more focused and concentrate on your work more. Over time, the volume of information you can memorise will

Why Are There Four Tracks?

There are 5 tracks because each track has a different effect and uses different frequencies. You should use the track you like best and stick with that for your training. You will get a detailed instruction manual which explains how to use them correctly. Some tracks are high intensity for difficult mental tasks. Others are more gentle and are suitable for general mental improvement situations.


Key Benefits Of Optimal Focus

1. Increase your concentration and mental clarity to achieve the mental edge.

2. Develop prolonged focus for intensive mental and psychological tasks.

3. Reduce cognitive lethargy and boost your overall mental productivity.

4. Feel more alert for longer periods of time

5. Concentrate better on nitty gritty and complex tasks

Revolutionise Your Life With BrainTune® Technology

Our BrainTune® sounds have been engineered to tune your mind to perfection. As you enter the perfect states of mental bliss, you will feel your mental powers improving day by day. With this package, you score an IQ higher than 99% of the human population.

Never again will you be stuck with a mediocre IQ. Embrace 21st century technology now and improve your life for the better.

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Optimal Focus BrainTune® Series
Retail Price: $47 US

Student Special: Optimal Focus, Super Mind & Learning Curve BrainTune® Series
Retail Price: $67 US

Who Should Use This Program

Anybody who wants to gain greater concentration or who suffers from a lack of it will greatly benefit from this. Many professions, situations and lifestyles demand a high degree of concentration and unnerving focus so the applications are universal. Suitable for all ages and lifestyles.

Note: This product is not a subliminal or hypnosis recording. This product is a brainwave entrainment device with strong mental affects. If you have a serious mental illness, please consult a medical professional prior to using.

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