This article talks about some of the basic lessons about how physical exercise can help increase brain power and boost your mental abilities higher. This is a very basic article so is meant only as an introduction to this topic.

1. Physical exercise definitely works without a doubt to improve your mind.

Always remember that the mind and the body are connected. Whatever affects the body also affects the mind. The brain needs adequate supplies of nutrients, oxygen, chemicals, hormones and blood flow to operate at peak capacity. The body plays a huge part in making sure the right chemicals, oxygen and blood flow is created, providing all the necessary building blocks for a powerful mind.

2. Use physical exercise to go for specific goals

Without goals, you will wander about and achieve nothing. When you set yourself a goal, you have something to aim towards that propels your progress and development. So, think of what goal you want to achieve from adding exercise to improve your intelligence. For example, the goal of training 30 mins per day, three times per week. That is your goal. Stick to that and do everything you can to match it and you will reap the rewards eventually.

3. Focus on cardiovascular sports and exercise

The best exercises to boost your mind are running, swimming and rowing, since these are very cardio-intensive and will push your body immensely. They will create profound chemical changes in your body which will affect the operation of the mind.

Running over long distances has been proven to increase long term memory. So if memory is something you could benefit from, consider doing that. Short distance bursts of cardiovascular activity will also improve your creativity, confidence and focus abilities.

4. Be consistent in your training program.

You are not training to win the Olympics, so don't push yourself too hard here. The key to gaining intelligence from physical exercise is to train for 20-30 mins each day, three times per week as a minimum. When you are consistent and put the effort in, you will find that your brain becomes more focused, with more concentration and intellectual tasks are easier.

What To Expect

The maximum IQ points increase is 10-15 points from regular exercise and training, but expect that to happen over the long haul and not overnight. However, the benefits are for your whole life, so putting this in now can lead to enormous benefits.

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