Positive And Negative Energy
Positive and negative energy is something which many people are unaware of. For you to achieve your goals, you must exert more positive energy than negative energy. This is an absolute fundamental to success and most be understood by you.

This article explores this in more detail.

Positive And Negative Energy Cancel Each Other Out

When this happens, you end up with no manifestation. This is exactly why most people fail to manifest. The negative energy eats up any positive energy that is created, so nothing happens. When there is more negative than positive energy, negative manifestation happens. When there is more positive than negative energy, positive manifestation happens. Your objective is to bring the balance of energy as positive as possible.

You Must Generate More Positive Than Negative Energy

This is the only way you will achieve your goals. The negative energy must be minimised, and the positive energy must be maximised. This will have tremendous and huge effects on your life in a very short space of time. To do this best, you must be able to identify what negative and positive energy is: otherwise you are just wandering in the dark not having a clue. Here are some examples of negative energy:

a) Eating the wrong foods (the energy from these foods is assimilated into your system)

For example, all manner of dairy produce, meat, chicken and fish are strong negative energy sources. Meat and chicken are produced in artificial environments where the animals experience a high degree of suffering and stress for their whole lives. This energy is what you are taking in when you consume these types of animal. Fish contains many toxins and is worse when farmed artificially. If you want to consume meat, chicken etc, make sure that they are bred and raised in natural environments. This is will minimise the negative energy you get from them. Otherwise, they are an absolute no-no. They must be avoided, and you would be much better off going vegetarian.

b) Verbal negative energy: criticising, complaining, being egotistical, judging etc

These are all negative energy, and will create a vortex of negative energy if its allowed to increase unabated. To minimise these, you must simply remain quiet. It is always better to be quiet and only ever say good things, than it is to say something bad. Plus, if you say something bad, this is exactly what is inside of you as well. Say good things, and you are assured to be full of goodness.

c) Poor mindsets, behaviors and lifestyles

Poor mindsets, such as narrow minded thinking is obviously negative energy. You need to always have an open mind and see things in a positive, optimistic way that generates even more positive energy. Other things such as poor behaviors, lifestyles etc are obviously bad as well.

With that covered, here are some positive energy generators:

a) Eating healthy, wholesome foods, rich in nutrients

Examples are plenty of fruit, vegetables and staples such as brown rice, brown pasta, wholemeal breads etc. These are fantastic for your system and will make you feel good and on top of the world. Try it for 1 week and see how you feel. You will feel brilliant! The good feelings are the sign that you are being overwhelmed with positive, constructive and powerful energies. These energies will help you manifest like crazy.

b) Positive verbal energy: Gratitude, appreciation, good talk, expansionary talk etc

Talking about things in a positive way will increase positive energy. You should always speak highly of people and see the best in them. What you see in others is what you see within yourself. You should talk about your goals and why you want to achieve them. You should provide people good advice and wisdom. You should always talk about how things are getting better and improving for you day by day. Always think and talk positive, and all good things will happen to you.

c) Good open mindedness, good behaviors and lifestyles

Being open minded to new possibilities, opportunities and situations allows your mind to expand in its power. This increases positive energy. Good behaviors through being driven, motivated and focused increase the positive energy depth even more.

You Must Be Appear Of The Signals Of Negative Energy

So the objective here is to minimise negative energy and maximise positive energy. You do this by actively expanding positive energy, whilst stamping down on negative energy whenever you get negative energy signals. These signals mostly come through your feelings. If you feel bad about something, this is negative energy. So change the feeling and the cause of it, and positive, healthy energies will be the result.

In conclusion, increasing positive energies and minimising the opposite is crucial to your success. The reason why so many mess-ups in life happen is because of a lack of these understandings. Maximise your positive energy as much as possible, and watch the huge positive manifestations happen in your life!

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