Most people do not realise the value of their sleep. Sleep is the most important tool in your life. At least one third of your whole life is spent sleeping, so getting it right is vital to ensure that we achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Below you will find some lessons about the power of sleep and how it can help you:

1. It is better to have too much sleep than too little sleep.

Of course, having too much or too little is bad in itself, but having too much is better than too little. When you have too little sleep, your mental capacities can be severely impaired and your productivity can be significantly decreased. You will also find that your mind is much more active mentally, in that you will keep having conscious thoughts and it will be difficult to do things automatically. When you sleep too much, you will feel slightly drowsy, but this helps to keep your mind calm and relaxed. 

2. Sleep is the way that your mind resets itself to a default state.

When you have a mind which is busy and full of conscious thoughts, you have a mind which is in a problem state. When you have a mind which is in a relaxed state, you have a powerful mind which can act subconsciously in line with the laws of energy.

3. Sleep is a way to seed your goals to manifest in the morning.

Before you go to bed, you should be wary of the mental state you are in. You should make sure that you are calm and relaxed, so that this will be the state which will exist in the morning. When you have a good nights sleep, you will wake up even more calm and relaxed towards your goals.

4. Sleep is a primary way to change your life.

It can also be seen as a dangerous way to change your life as well. For example, if you have the wrong thoughts whilst in a drowsy state, they can penetrate the subconscious and take on a life of its own. It is therefore important that you make sure you sleep on time when drowsiness occurs, because this is the stage where life changing thoughts can penetrate deep inside you.

5. Sleep helps you to maintain focus in the day.

When you have a peaceful nights sleep and wake up having had enough sleep, the subconscious power is well defined and tuned to help you keep your focus for the day. Remember, all thoughts come from the subconscious. Therefore, when you have a proper focus, it is because the subconscious has not distracted you with additional thoughts. It has given you focus instead.

What To Expect

When you respect your sleep, you are respecting your life. You will find yourself having a clearer a focus throughout your day, and the insight towards your goals will be powerful and re-assuring. You will also be in a more optimistic mood which will help you to maintain a strong focus and momentum towards your goals, whatever they may be.

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