The power of writing your goals cannot be underestimated. Writing your goals is an extremely important component of success.

If you want to become a genius, then even more so. This article explores this topic further. 

When You Write Down Your Goals, Your Subconscious Mind Is Fed

Writing your goals down on paper is how you feed valuable information to your subconscious mind. Feeding this information allows the subconscious mind to use it to accelerate your progress and move you towards the goal. When you write your goals, always make sure it is in a format which the subconscious mind can read. This format is characterised by:

a) writing in the present tense. In other words, not speaking from the point of view or the past or the future, but only the present

b) writing using the "I" prefix

c) writing in a way which develops the basics of the goal. For example, you should explain its main features

When you do this, your subconscious mind can understand the message and use it. You will also feel your motivation and drive increase automatically as well.

When You Write Your Goals, Elaborate On It

For example, ask yourself these types of questions:

a) what would it be like to achieve this goal?

b) what would you be doing?

c) how would you be doing it?

d) what skills did you have to develop to achieve it?

e) what benefit has this goal allowed for you?

Answering these simple questions will help immensely to explore the possibility of your goal. When you explore the possibility, you will begin to draw that possibility into your life.

Have At Least 5 Or 6 Goals To Work Towards

Your goals should all be part of 1 bigger goal. That bigger goal is a lifestyle which you are aiming to live. You should write down all of the major goals you've set yourself, one by one. After a while, normally a few days, it will become too basic to just write your goals down and you will need to do more. This is where the questions above, alongside the goals can help you.

Write Your Goals Down Every Single Morning

You should write them down every single morning without fail. Have your breakfast first to wake up, and then right the goals down. Using the questions above, this could take upto 45 mins to 1 hour to do. However, it is the most valuable use of your time in that specific moment. Learn to make this a habit and watch the huge difference take place in your life.

Believe That Writing Your Goal Is Working

People who achieve little from this exercise are those that say "is this going to work?", or "this isn't going to work" or similar. However, successful people will say "what if it does work?". You see, your attitude and mindset affects the relationship you have with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the seat of your productivity, drive, motivation and clarity towards your goals. Learning to complement and hold your subconscious to a high level of integrity through the best mindset, will go miles to helping you achieve your goals. Belief is everything.

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