The above statement might seem extremely confusing to someone who does not have a knowledge of quantum physics. But let me explain. Quantum physics teaches us that the reality we experience is but one wave out of an enormous number of wave of possibilities. The wave possibilities is the quantum superposition which contains all the possibilities. What wave manifests in our reality depends on the observer.

However, there are multiple observers through multiple people existing on the planet so how can all of our dreams manifest if we are to strive for them? Surely, there will be enormous competition for scarce resources, so that we cannot all live in extreme abundance and prosperity?

Such a way of thinking is wrong. Below you will find essential facts of science that will help you clarify your thought, and make you realise that all your dreams can come true, regardless of what other people say or do.

1. Quantum Superposition contains almost all possibilities, which means there are almost infinite combinations to make all our dreams come true. .

2.  Other people are part of your reality. This means that the very nature of a person will change depending on what you observe in them. 

3. What you observe is dependant on your beliefs. The stronger your beliefs, the more they become imprinted in other people, things and situations. Therefore when things change, it is because you are changing.

4. When you change, your previous self is in a different reality, including all the circumstances and situations which that person would experience through those beliefs. This is the same for other people. The goals which that person has will therefore be in a different reality, and not the one which you are currently living.

5. Your dreams exist as a wave of reality at the quantum superposition level. You therefore merely need to align yourself with it through your beliefs, actions and behaviours so that your observation becomes the reality and dream you wish to live.

Read the above again if it doesn't make sense. It means that your dreams are guaranteed to come true as long as you do things in the correct way to make yourself change. Other people are never any hindrance in any way whatsoever, because all of reality is changing as we change towards our goals! This is perhaps the strangest thing to acknowledge because it goes against the Newtonian and immediately empirical view of the world. But the truth will be apparent to you through practical application.

You can achieve your dreams and become a genius, no matter what other people say or do. You simply need to be focused, follow our advice, and then apply it practically.

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