If you need to get smart, fast, here are some quick tips which can help you. This is meant as an introduction and obviously nothing compared to our genius guide or BrainTune Series:

1. Take steps to have a healthier diet.

By far, the quickest method to improve your intelligence (except using IQ increase techniques) is to improve your diet.  Look at the article on
Nutrition Modifications to learn what you can do. Diet can make you feel more focused, confident, optimistic and ready for success in only a few short days. So begin to improve your diet now and see the difference this can make for you.

2. Associate with smart people. 

When you hang about with smart people, you will feel smart and think like they do. Sit next to the smart people in your class and you will get better way more quickly. They will inspire you to take action and be the best for yourself.

3. Stick to your strengths

The truth is that not everybody is good at everything, even though sometimes it might not feel like that. Your goal should be to stick to the things your good at and improve on them. This is a quick way to get smart.

4. Spend long hours studying and revising important things

The more time you spend studying, doing important things and working your mind, the more you will be able to raise the bar and boost performance accordingly. It is the best way to ensure your mind is growing every single day.

5. Don't try to be an expert at everything

The way to look smart is to talk about only those things that you are good at. If you are not good at something, it is better to avoid talking about that at all. Stick to always talking about things that you are good at already, and listen in times when something that you are not good at is being talked or discussed.

6. Keep your mind busy every day

Keeping your mind busy is the best way to work all the little areas that need improving in. For example, chess, crosswords, bingo, homework, online puzzles and similar.

What To Expect

To get smart quick is relatively simple when you put a few strategies like above into place. You will feel the changes happening quickly. Smartness and high IQ are different. There are people who have a high IQ, but who aren't very smart, because they are not wise and using their resources correctly. Using the tips above, you can excel above others.

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