If you're not doing a job which is your passion or dream in life, then you need to set the plan to quit your job.

Life is extremely short, and to slave away in the "rat race" of work is simply a waste of your precious time.

There is no reason in the universe why you cannot achieve the life you desire. The only reason why you aren't living your dream now is only because of a lack of understanding. When you understand how to get the life you want, everything will become so much more easy. Below you will find some revelations which will help you to make this transition:

1. Having a job is working for somebody else and making them rich and not you.

So how does that make sense in making somebody else rich whilst you struggle to pay the bills? The truth is that you too can become rich and rise in the social ladder. Any person who has extreme wealth does not have any more value or power than you. You need to realise that somebody else is becoming rich, whilst you are slaving yourself due to lack of understanding. The time now is to wake up and realise that you need to work for yourself, and not somebody else.

2. The only job worth having is your dream.

Time is running out. At the moment, you don't realise this but once the time runs out for good, then you will realise just how valuable time really is. Time is always moving at lightning quick speed and we are sitting around reading text on a computer screen! It is time to make steps to achieve our dreams. The more steps you take, and the more consistent you become in taking those steps, the more you can move towards your dream for real.

3. Make sure your job is focused on eventually quitting it.

If you are working at the moment, you need to set a goal of where you want to be in 1-2 years time. This goal shouldn't depend on your employer or particular career because it is a personal goal of where you want to be in your life.  After sitting that goal, make sure that you are only striving towards it. This means you need to save your money for the time when you will need it. You should not spend any money whatsoever, because you will need to invest it into your dream goal and purpose.  

4. When you live and work your dream job, your intelligence will increase.

Your intelligence increases because you are following your passion and will have much more confidence in yourself. This makes your mind much more relaxed, open minded and ready for the world.

What To Expect

In order to do this successfully, you need to have a strong and clear vision of what you want to be and what goal you want to achieve in life. This goal shouldn't depend on any employer or career because it is an extremely personal thing. If you are not living the life you want you need to set a plan of action now.

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