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A high IQ is important to become a genius, but it is not the only thing required. There is a lot more to being a genius than IQ on its own. In this article, we will talk about how IQ relates to genius, and how a high IQ is not the only thing to achieve it.

1. You can be a genius with or without a high IQ

History is full of exceptional stories, and of people achieving extraordinary things, but had their IQ in the normal range. There are also cases where individuals had exceptional IQ's, but were nowhere near having great success in their life, or being a genius.

The conclusion here is that a boosted and exceptional IQ is useful, but is not the only requirement for mastery in your field.

2. A high IQ is more useful in some fields than it is in others

For example, if you are an academic or student, the higher your IQ, the better. In this case, having an exceptional IQ means you can think and generate new ideas and possibilities in your field. You can create better projects and achieve more distinction that way. On the other hand, an exceptional IQ would be mostly useless in something, like sports. Here, there is no requirement for exceptional idea generation and thoughts which an exceptional IQ would provide. Other qualities are required, such as high focus, concentration, discipline and dedication.

So, a high IQ can assist in some fields more than others.

3. Genius can be created through pure dedication to your field, and by ignoring IQ altogether

Pure dedication to your field, and spending exceptional levels of time and energy to do what you need to do, whether you feel like it or not, is one of the defining characteristics of genius. The more you can push yourself to being purely dedicated to what you are doing, and by focusing for long hours, the greater will be your success.

What To Expect

Having a high IQ is incredibly useful for a lot of life's challenges, but it is more useful in some areas than others. If you want to achieve maximum success in whatever you do, it is important to invest your time and energy in following the fundamentals of success in your field first. This may or may not require a high IQ.

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