Maintain a growing network of friends to socialise with

Be social and develop a habit of talking to strangers

Develop an active lifestyle to boost your confidence

Take pride in your background and cultural heritage

Keep learning and understanding social dynamics

Diversify your interests by taking on new hobbies


Always be well groomed in a social situation


The Romance Manifestation BrainTune® Series will completely turn around your love life for the better.

These audios were designed by analysing and copying the brainwave sub-harmonic pattern found in people who enjoy successful, fulfilling relationships.

The results are impressive, with clear differences noticeable after the first application alone. The main effects  include a systematic increase in your overall attractiveness to others which is the natural precursor to romance and intimacy.

Suitable for both men and women. Package comprises 2 unique BrainTune® audios, detailed instructions, and a revolutionary guide revealing the true fundamentals of partner and dating selection. This guide will allow you to fine-tune your lifestyle and personality to attract your ideal mate. 

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Anybody who wants to improve their love life, increase their attractiveness or develop intimacy with the opposite sex should use this program. The audios are suitable for developing all areas of romance and intimacy including casual relationships, friendship and deep love.

Note: This product is not a subliminal or hypnosis recording. This product is a brainwave altering device with strong mental affects. If you have a serious mental illness, please consult a medical professional prior to using.

Generate more telephone numbers, dates and encounters with the opposite sex.

Achieve intimacy and love relationships much more frequently.

Increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex and make them notice you.