Secrets Of Thought
There are many secrets to thought which many people are completely unaware of. To harness the power of thought is to dramatically improve the level of success and genius you will experience in your life.

This article introduces some of the secrets of thought.

Thoughts Have Creative Power To Influence Physical Outcomes

That is, thoughts actually create and influence physical outcomes. This may sound like a fantastic claim, but quantum physics is showing this as true. We live in a quantum physics world, and not a physical world. The world runs on quantum laws, where your mind, consciousness and thought play a part. It is now shown that thought itself has a direct impact on the physical reality around us.

Harnessing Thoughts Allows You To Achieve Your Dreams Successfully

Harnessing thoughts means consistently having the same thoughts over and over. When you do this, the thoughts increase in power and bind in strength, giving them more sway over physical outcomes. Another way to state this, is that you must have focus. Focus is putting your thoughts in a particular direction and keeping them there consistently. It is this focus which allows you to achieve your dreams. You may have heard of focus but not realised why it was so important. Now you do.

Thoughts Build On Top Of One Another

That is, thoughts follow an automatic pattern of magnetism. Thought 1 leads to thought 2 which leads to thought 3 and so on. This is why having one good thought at the start of the day is enough to make your whole day go good. The good thoughts build on top of one another, allowing even better thoughts. This in turn puts your attention on positive things, makes you feel positive and leads to positive results.

Living In The Moment Allows Thoughts To Be Free

Being free, means the thoughts are free to carry out their magnetic function. Living in the moment means you are putting your whole attention on the here and now, and aren't thinking about the future or the past. When you do that, you can connect more to the deeper layers of mind in the subconscious and unconscious minds. This means you will experience a) more magnetic thoughts leading to better material outcomes and b) more ideas, insights, intuition and creativity. So living in the moment has tremendous benefits, and must be respected.

Thoughts Are Ripples Of Consciousness

We live in a world of consciousness. This is the conclusion and lessons which are taught by all the great religions of ancient times. This consciousness as a whole is given many names, the more common ones being God, Allah, Jehovah, Brahman, Christ, etc. Other, more New Age names are Inner Being and Higher Self. By allowing your thoughts to carry out their function, and by living in the moment, you allow yourself to connect to the Higher Self within you. You will experience a sense of euphoria and positive feelings when this happens (also called enlightenment). You will experience high levels of productivity, a solid sense of purpose, vision and drive to achieve your goals.

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